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Update: 140 new entries in June 2010!

Deutsche Biographische Enzyklopädie Online

Ed. by Vierhaus, Rudolf

In cooperation with Engelhardt, Dietrich / Fischer, Wolfram / Koch, Hans Albrecht / Moeller, Bernd / Saur, Klaus G.


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This online edition of Dictionary of German Biography (DBE) provides information about people from all aspects of public life: men and women from the entire German-speaking area from the time of the very earliest written records right up to the present. The biographies inform the reader about the person´s origins, education, influential encounters, professional development, places of influence, significant works and achievements, friendships and relationships, membership of groups and associations, reception and, in special cases, prizes and honours. To be able to evaluate the life and work of a person in its completeness, DBE only contains people who are already dead.

Dictionary of German Biography Online contains all articles from the second book edition of DBE (Deutsche Biographische Enzyklopädie), overall more than 74,860 biographies.

Beyond that it contains ca. 15,000 short biographical entries for persons who are cited in articles, but do not have their own articles.

The main biographical data (names, dates, occupations) are separately indexed and can be found preceding the biographical articles. It is also possible to conduct full-text searches through the whole biographical articles.

For queries or suggestions regarding the content of the database, please email the editorial offices of DBE.