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Public Repositories


In keeping with our efforts in support of the dissemination of research results, De Gruyter is pleased to announce its repository policy, under which the following conditions apply to authors of articles published in multi-authored works (journals, anthologies, edited volumes and databases):

Author wishes to include his/her article on a personal website or in a repository

De Gruyter allows authors the use of the final published version of an article (publisher pdf) for self-archiving (author's personal website) and/or archiving in an institutional repository (on a non-profit server) after an embargo period of 12 months after publication. The published source must be acknowledged and a link to the journal home page or articles' DOI must be set.

Authors MAY NOT self-archive their articles in public and/or commercial subject based repositories (e.g. PubMed Central).

Author wishes to send electronic offprints (PDFs) to colleagues

Authors may download offprint of the article as a PDF document. This document will explicitly be marked as the author's personal document. Authors may send 30 copies of the article to colleagues. These articles will be marked as author copies as well.