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In many areas of academic research, De Gruyter has consistently partnered with exceptional scholars to establish itself as a key international publisher.

Strong partnerships with the world’s leading learned societies have thus been part of the De Gruyter publishing strategy from its very beginning.

We are happy to welcome you to our established network of societies and associations, authors and editors.

Benefit from our long-term editorial expertise, our high-quality yet cost-effective production procedures, our state-of-the-art ePublishing strategies and our strong sales and marketing support for your publications.


As a publisher with a history of academic publishing spanning more than 260 years, De Gruyter combines the knowledge from decades of publishing experience while providing innovative publishing technologies and competitive services.

We’re currently working with over 100 academic and learned societies and believe in a highly flexible approach combined with a personal touch.

You are in good hands. Gain more benefit from

We are looking forward to discussing with you the easiest way to provide access to your society publications for your members.

Our technical customer service and all our editorial departments will be happy to work with you on all issues regarding the management of the publication process as well as the usage and visibility of your publication afterwards.