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Publishing Divisions

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The publishing divisions are separated into the following departments:

> Architecture, Art & Music
Area Studies
Classical and Ancient Near Eastern Studies
German publications on linguistics and communication science
> History
Jewish Studies
Library & Information Science, Publishing
Literary & Cultural Studies
Chemistry, Materials Sciences
Mathematics, Physics, Engineering
Medicine, Life Sciences
Social Sciences, Economics
Sports and Recreation
Theology, Judaism, Religion
De Gruyter Akademie Forschung
De Gruyter Mouton
De Gruyter Oldenbourg
De Gruyter Open
De Gruyter Saur

Managing Director: Dr. Anke Beck

Languages, Literature & Humanities:
Senior Editorial Director Humanities: Michiel Klein Swormink
Editorial Director History: Martin Rethmeier
Editorial Director De Gruyter Mouton: Dr. Uri Tadmor 
Director Editorial Reference Group: Dr. Martin Ottmar
Editorial Director Literature, Culture & Arts: Dr. Manuela Gerlof
Editorial Director Philosophy: Dr. Gertrud Grünkorn
Editorial Director Religious Studies: Dr. Albrecht Döhnert

STM & Legals:
Senior Editorial Director Science & Technology: Karin Sora
Senior Editorial Director Medicine, Law & Architecture: Dr. Till Meinert
Editorial Director Mathematics, Physics & Engineering: Konrad Kieling
Editorial Director Material Sciences, Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry: Karin Sora
Editorial Director Computer Sciences: Angelika Sperlich
Editorial Director Law: Jan Martin Schmidt
Editorial Director Art & Architecture: Ulrich Schmidt
Senior Acquisitions Editor Economics: Stefan Giesen

In order to get in touch with your contact persons from the different publishing divisions choose from the menu on the left.