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De Gruyter - German Studies • Linguistics & Literature

Walter de Gruyter and its Linguistics and Literary & Cultural Studies departments see themselves as partners of science.

For decades, we have been ensuring that high-quality contents from linguistics and literary studies find a large audience and entry into professional discussions through renowned publication forums, a philological program context widely regarded in professional circles, and effective, internationally-structured advertising and sales.

Because we are convinced that a publisher and its program can only be as good as its authors, we consider the support of our authors to be a top priority.

From editing to production, our employees are ready to assist you in the publication of your valuable work with commitment and professional competence.

We are pleased to be involved in your linguistic and literary publications and guarantee you:

  • detailed review and editing of your text;
  • careful production and a high-quality layout of your book;
  • efficient processes and good communication:
  • effective advertising and international sales of your work;
  • attractive conditions for a collaboration (moderate printing cost subsidies, royalties, etc.);
  • the seal of approval of an established, high-quality publisher of philological literature.

We would like to invite you to consider our publishing house in your search for an appropriate place to publish your scholarly projects.

The Editorial Directors of our Linguistics and Literary & Cultural Studies departments invite you to contact them with your inquiries and suggestions: 

Dr. Uri Tadmor
Editorial Director Linguistics
Tel.: + 49-(0)30-260 05 - 270
Fax: + 49-(0)30-260 05 - 351
e-mail: uri.tadmor [ at ]

Dr. Manuela Gerlof
Editorial Director Literary & Cultural Studies
Tel.: +49 (0)30-26005-150
e-mail: manuela.gerlof [ at ]

We would be pleased to be able to count you as one of our authors and to prove ourselves as an effective partner in your scholarly project!