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De Gruyter - Theology • Judaism • Religion

We would like to welcome you as an author/editor for our company, and we are looking forward to working with you on your publication.

Submission Guidelines

If you want to submit a manuscript or a proposal, please adhere to our submission guidelines.

How to prepare a manuscript for typesetting

If you prepare a manuscript for typesetting, please adhere to our style sheet for manuscripts.

If in the author/editor contract it is agreed that you prepare a layout copy of the typescript, please provide us with a PDF and an authoritative laser printout of your master copy.

To assist you in formatting your typescript, we send you the respective font and a WORD template that can be used with virtually any WORD version. In addition, we have compiled in our Guidelines the most important settings you should use as points of orientation while formatting the CRC.

For Greek and Hebrew paragraphs please use exclusively Unicode fonts!

It is essential that you provide the Production Editor early on with representative sample pages from your volume. If necessary, this will give him the opportunity to provide you with individual adjustments to your computer settings.

We sincerely hope that the files provided here will help you in preparing your CRC. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. The editorial department will gladly put you in direct contact with the Production Editor responsible for your book.

We look forward to a congenial and fruitful co-operation and are looking forward to your sample pages.

With kind regards

Dr. Albrecht Döhnert

Editorial Director
Theology • Jewish Studies • Religious Studies
De Gruyter Berlin/Boston