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Far-reaching Marketing and Sales Activities Promoting Your Journal Worldwide

Your publications will be marketed with the help of De Gruyter’s well-established marketing toolkit containing subject catalogues, flyers, brochures, adverts and lists in print and in electronic form, specially designed journal web pages, mailings and e-mailings, regular newsletters on all new publications in all our subject areas, free trial offers and others means. We attend the key conferences for the single subject areas as well as book fairs, library conferences and trade shows around the world.

The visibility and usage of our journals will especially benefit from the opportunity to hand out free online access, e.g. trial accesses for new subscribers or limited access in the context of conference or similar events. Table of contents alerts are available for all De Gruyter journals via e-mail or RSS feed. In addition, our electronically published journals are searchable via Google full-text search.

We seek to design individual campaigns using all these channels in a combined manner, thoroughly customized to your society journal. With the De Gruyter branding of our informative material, your journal benefits from De Gruyter’s long tradition in publishing on an international level.

Especially designed portal pages for your society on www.degruyter.com can be used to further promote your society’s objectives throughout the academic world.

Feel free to use this additional virtual space as well as the platform pages displaying the contents of your publications in order to strengthen the online presence of your organization: You can integrate your logo on our homepage, share links and references, have us display additional information for your members, make use of our e-mailing options and, wherever possible, market your society blogs or other social media pages through our communication channels.

Our dedicated sales team consisting of 15 library sales staff and 13 trade sales staff has representatives throughout the world taking care of all our publications.

All our e-journals are bundled into subject-oriented collections and are also available as a complete package, increasing the international dissemination and circulation. 

De Gruyter journals have a fundamental visibility in the electronic library environment. We also maintain close relationships with our subscription agents, ensuring a smooth transfer of institutional subscriptions both electronically and for print issues.