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De Gruyter’s Marketing and Sales teams ensure the worldwide exposure and availability of every single one of our authors’ works.

From newsletters, e-mailings, partner marketing, abstracting and indexing services to social media and our website, we are regularly developing new, high impact ways to build awareness of your content. 

Our International Sales team serves libraries and academic institutions in nearly every major territory in the world.

Coupled with our logistics partners, and our close-knit relationship with major bookstores and large library suppliers around the world, you can be assured that your publication will be easily accessible to all interested readers.


Book and Journal Review Support
We facilitate the review of your publication in relevant professional media, and will document all coverage received in a state-of-the-art digital archive. You’ll also receive individualized E-mails providing you with access to all reviews.

Campaign Marketing
Global marketing campaigns directed at libraries and academics generate publicity and ensure broad awareness for our publication portfolio. Your work will benefit from inclusion in our targeted communications to relevant customers.

De Gruyter Online
Details about your publication will be attractively presented on our integrated online platform.

Product flyers
Product flyers of all our books and journals are available for download on the respective online product page.

Social Media
De Gruyter maintains Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts across many of our different imprints. New releases and highlights are regularly communicated to over 10,000 fans and followers through our social media channels.

Public Relations
You’ll benefit from our extensive media contacts and standing relationships with professional journalists. Our press and PR activities generate publicity among the general public for our products.

We inform all relevant target markets about new releases and highlights with our regular newsletters and eToC alerts.

De Gruyter organizes and supports regularly recurring book presentations, readings, discussion events, and press conferences to raise public awareness for select publications.

Conferences and Trade Fairs
Each year De Gruyter is represented at some 60 trade fairs and 80 professional conferences around the globe and from across the entire spectrum of academia. In addition, we participate in about 20 book exhibitions each year through our trade partners.

International Distribution
Located in regional offices around the globe, our international sales team possesses expert market knowledge and first-class customer contacts, ensuring that our academic publications are always offered to the right target audience.

Strategic Distribution Partnerships
De Gruyter has formed a number of publisher partnerships with internationally renowned publishing houses such as Harvard University Press, Princeton University Press, and Penn Press.