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Cover Download

You can download a web-optimized version by using your browser:

Format: .jpg or .gif, width: 150 pixels, resolution: 72 dpi, colour mode: indexed colours, size of file: normally less than 100 kb.

Search for the desired title (e.g. by using our quick search option),
PC: right click on the cover
Mac: Press the ALT-key and click on the cover
select 'save as' in the context menu.

If the cover you need is for offset printing purposes, we will send you the appropriate file via email:

Format: PC TIFF with LZW-compression, width: 70 mm, resolution: 300 dpi, colour mode: CMYK, file size: approximately between 1 and 1.5 MB, some files might reach 3 to 4 MB.

Please send an email to feedback@degruyter.com, using the ISBN of the title as the subject of your mail.