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eJournal Packages



eJournal Packages 2014

We offer you attractive eJournal packages. You may choose one of the following subscription options:

•    Complete Package
•    Complete Package English 
•    Complete Package STM  or SSH  (Social Sciences and Humanities)
•    Complete Package STM English  or SSH English

In addition, the following subject packages are available:

•    Biology, Chemistry, Geosciences
•    Classical Studies, History 
•    Law 
•    Library and Information Science, Library Reference
•    Linguistics, Literature
•    Mathematics, Physics, Engineering
•    Medicine 
•    Philosophy, Theology, Judaism, Religion
•    Politics, Economics, Sociology

Free Trial Access Available!

We are pleased to offer libraries a free trial access via IP address. To activate your free trial access, please send an e-mail to freetrial@degruyter.com and include the name of your institution, the journal package(s) in question and the IP address.

Please note that access to selected content may not yet be available.

Terms and Conditions

All eJournal packages are available either as pick& choose or fixed packages. We offer attractive discounts depending on the size of the chosen package and the size of your institution. Subscriptions are on an annual basis, giving you the opportunity to adjust the journal subscription to your customers’ needs. With a subscription to a journal package, you acquire the archival rights to the contents of the years in question.

Please note that as of 2014, the subscription model for periodicals published by Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag and Akademie Verlag will be adjusted to the De Gruyter subscription model and that online subscriptions need to be ordered separately.

Please contact your regional sales manager for more information.