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Traditionally chemistry combines diverse disciplines ranging from inorganic and organic chemistry to physical and theoretical chemistry as well as biochemistry and analytics.

Especially in the German-speaking world, De Gruyter is renowned for its publications in the inorganic chemistry field, including in particular the textbook titles from Holleman/Wiberg and Riedel, as well as the German edition of Huhey/Keiter and Keiter.

Current chemistry research is increasingly interdisciplinary in nature and application-driven. Hence there are also overlaps with physics, materials science, biology, (bio) technology and computer science, which can also be found in De Gruyter’s excellent portfolio.

In addition to books, De Gruyter’s chemistry portfolio also includes journals and, from 2016, a database. The latter is being developed in collaboration with the IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) for their Standards and Recommendations.


  • Monographs, textbooks and journals in German and English
  • De Gruyter is the market leader in German textbooks on inorganic chemistry
  • The 103rd edition of the "Bible" of inorganic chemistry from Holleman/Wiberg is appearing in 2016
  • Continuous presence at worldwide chemistry conferences and congresses
  • Respected journals such as Radiochimica Acta and Pure and Applied Chemistry
  • In addition to the collaboration with the IUPAC, the portfolio is supplemented by the titles from our imprint De Gruyter Oldenbourg and our publishing partner Harvard University Press



  • Erwin Riedel and Christoph Janiak, authors of Anorganische Chemie [Inorganic Chemistry]
  • Klaus Müllen, multiple award winner and editor of Chemistry of Carbon Nanostructures
  • Astrid Sigel, Helmut Sigel and Roland K.O. Sigel, editors of the Metal Ions in Life Sciences series
  • Ralf Steudel, author of Chemie der Nichtmetalle [Chemistry of the Non-metals]
  • Reinhard Nießner, author of Trennungsmethoden der Analytischen Chemie [Separation Techniques in Analytic Chemistry]


  • The IUPAC – the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, publishes Pure and Applied Chemistry and Chemistry International


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