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Since 2009, the De Gruyter journal portfolio has grown significantly in number and scope. Long-standing high-quality journals have expanded their publication frequency, and newly founded journals in attractive research areas have been added to De Gruyter’s program. Thirdly, De Gruyter has enhanced the strength of its journal portfolio, particularly in the natural sciences, with the acquisition of new journals. Notable successes in this area include the acquisition of 27 journals published by the Israeli publishing house Freund Publishing in 2010, purchase of 67 journals from Berkeley Electronic Press, as well as the acquisition of Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag, Akademie Verlag and Ontos Verlag in 2013. With the acquisition of Versita in 2012, the world’s third largest open access publisher, De Gruyter has firmly established itself in the open access market segment.

  • Price Lists

    You can access a list of our standard prices here.
  • eJournals

    Most of our titles are also available in electronic form. We now also distribute eJournals in cooperation with Böhlau Verlag, Sellier European Law Publishers, Verlag Dr. Otto Schmidt, and Gütersloher Verlagshaus.  These journals have been integrated into our price list.
  • De Gruyter Journal Archive

    Providing easy access to the knowledge of the past, the De Gruyter Journal Archive makes it possible to monitor the development of academic discourse over the last 200 years and put today’s research results into context.
  • eTOC-Alert: Tables of Contents by eMail

    As soon as a new issue of a De Gruyter journal is online we can automatically send you its table of contents by email: simply subscribe to the eTOC alert for your journal of interest on the respective journal page.
  • CrossRef

    Through their publications, our authors are engaged in a constant dialogue with the worldwide academic and research community. They cite and are cited – and not just in works published by us. In electronic publications, users can be linked directly to the sources cited ("reference linking"). From 2008, it will also be possible to link with publications in which our authors' De Gruyter publications are cited ("forward linking"). This functionality is possible principally via the institution known as CrossRef, in which De Gruyter is a member.
  • Stable links to electronic products

    All the on-line versions of our journals and books can be accessed via a Digital Object Identifier (DOI for short). The DOI directs the user straight to the publication's current internet site – even if it has been transferred to a different website in the interim. For example, even if a journal has been sold to a different publisher, the DOI will direct the user straight to the desired contents. There are two ways of using this. In our Excel price list you will find a DOI-URL; if you use this URL as a link in your library system, you will always be referring to the current location.
  • Options for ordering

    eJournal Packages
    We now offer you attractive eJournal packages. You may choose one of the following subscription options:
    •    Complete Package
    •    Complete Package English
    •    Complete Package STM or LLH (Language, Literature, Humanities,
          Law, Economics)
    •    Complete Package STM English or LLH English
    •    9 Subject Packages

    All eJournals can be ordered as a single subscription or as part of a pick& choose package or a fixed package. Please contact your regional sales manager  for more information on our subscription and discount offers.


    You can take out an annual subscription to the journals. If you subscribe to the electronic version, you acquire the right of time-unlimited access to the contents of the year in question. Each electronic licence is granted for one institution and site. You can access further information on the licensing conditions here. If you have any queries about prices or conditions, please contact our Sales Department.

    Buy single articles
    For electronic journal article access, please choose a journal from our journal list and select the desired issue and article. Current registered subscribers will receive automatic access to the online text. If you are not a current subscriber, you will be offered the opportunity to make a single article purchase.
  • Metadata

    The Primo Central Index, a discovery and delivery service offered by the library software provider Ex Libris, now features metadata from all of the e-books and e-journals published by De Gruyter as well as its imprints and publishing partners. More...