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How to ensure the quality of open access publications

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Peer review

Peer review represents a vital element of maintaining high standards in scholarly publishing. This process could not be managed without the knowledge and experience of contributing specialists.

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The peer-review process for our open access publication includes such activities as finding reviewers, evaluating reviewer reports, and checking manuscripts for plagiarism with CrossCheck plagiarism screening free of charge.


A&I services, citation indexes, and discovery services

Just having an article published is not enough. The sheer number of articles out there makes discoverability an essential issue.

To be recognized as a first-class source of information, a journal must be widely available. And as most searching is now done online, it is paramount for individual articles and journals to be indexed by leading A&I services.

Therefore De Gruyter and De Gruyter Open closely cooperate with the majority of A&I services, citation indexes, and discovery services.

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Growing impact and citations

For the most prestigious indexing services (Thomson Scientific’s Citation Indexes and PubMed/Medline) we have developed tools to pre-evaluate journals in order to assess whether they qualify for application.

If the pre-evaluation is negative, an A&I consultant advises you on how to prepare the journal for application according to Thomson Reuters and PubMed/Medline selection criteria.

For journals already included in the Science Citation Index or Social Science Citation Index, the A&I consultant can advise editors on how to boost their Impact Factor.