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International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering

Ed. by de Lasa, Hugo / Xu, Charles Chunbao

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Volume 10, Issue 1 (Dec 2012)


On the Limitation of Fenton Oxidation Operational Parameters: A Review

Diya'uddeen, Basheer Hasan / A.R., Abdul Aziz / Daud, W.M.A.W.

Published Online: 07/10/2012


Optimization of Fluidized Bed Reactor of Oxidative Coupling of Methane

Eghbal-Ahmadi, Mohammad-Hosein / Zaerpour, Masoud / Daneshpayeh, Mahdi / Mostoufi, Navid

Page 1

Published Online: 01/08/2012

Reaction Engineering Studies of Homogeneous Rhodium-Catalyzed Methanol Carbonylation in a Laboratory Semi-Batch Reactor

Golhosseini, Reza / Naderifar, Abas / Mohammadrezaei, Alireza / Jafari Nasr, Mohamadreza

Published Online: 01/18/2012

Fischer Tropsch Synthesis: The Promoter Effects, Operating Conditions, and Reactor Synthesis

Sarkari, Majid / Fazlollahi, Farhad / Atashi, Hossein

Published Online: 01/18/2012

MHD Flow of an Oldroyd-B Fluid Through a Porous Channel

Hayat, Tasawar / Shehzad, Sabir Ali / Mustafa, Meraj / Hendi, Awatif

Published Online: 02/03/2012

Clean Synthesis of 2-Methylglycidol over a Novel Titanosilica Catalyst - Ti-MWW under Autogenic Pressure

Fajdek, Anna / Wróblewska, Agnieszka / Milchert, Eugeniusz

Published Online: 02/03/2012

A Trickle Fixed-Bed Recycle Reactor Model for the Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

Brunner, Kyle M. / Duncan, Joshua C. / Harrison, Luke D. / Pratt, Kyle E. / Peguin, Robson P. S. / Bartholomew, Calvin H. / Hecker, William C.

Published Online: 03/01/2012

Development of Torrefaction Kinetics for British Columbia Softwoods

Peng, Jianghong / Bi, Xiaotao T. / Lim, Jim / Sokhansanj, Shabab

Published Online: 03/23/2012

Effect of Lump Partitioning on the Accuracy of a Commercial Vacuum Gas Oil Hydrocracking Model

Sadighi, Sepehr / Ahmad, Arshad / Masoudian, Seyed Kamal

Published Online: 03/30/2012

PIV Study of Flow in an Aerated Tank with a Hollow Blade Turbine

Geng, Xuan / Gao, Zhengming / Bao, Yuyun

Published Online: 04/12/2012

Supercritical Activity Restoration for Fischer Tropsch Synthesis

Durham, Ed / Roberts, Christopher B.

Published Online: 04/20/2012

Kinetics Study of the Esterification of Acetic Acid with Methanol using Low-Corrosive Brønsted Acidic Ionic Liquids as Catalysts

Tao, Duan-Jian / Zhang, Xiao-Liang / Hu, Na / Li, Zhang-Min / Chen, Xiang-Shu

Published Online: 05/09/2012

Chemical Modification of HZSM-5 for Selective Methylation

Sengupta, Sonali / Ghosal, Debarpita / Basu, Jayanta Kumar / Kamble, Prashant

Published Online: 05/10/2012

CFD Investigation of Hydrodynamic and Heat Transfer Phenomena around Trilobe Particles in Hydrocracking Reactor

Bandari, Mohammad Reza / Behjat, Yaghoub / Shahhosseini, Shahrokh

Published Online: 05/16/2012

Study on Heat Transfer from a Bubbling Fluidized Bed Combustor to a Membrane Wall

Neto, Paula / Ribeiro, Albina M. / Pinho, Carlos

Published Online: 06/01/2012

Hydrogen Production for Fuel Cells by a Methane Reformer Integrated with Steam Generation

Xie, Donglai / Peng, Ang / Wang, Ziliang / Zhang, Yajun

Published Online: 06/04/2012

Simplified Simulation Model of a Biotrickling Filter Used for the Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide From Biogas

Dhussa, Anil K. / Sambi, Surinder S. / Kumar, Surendra / Kumar, Shashi / Prajapati, Jitendra K.

Published Online: 06/12/2012

Low Temperature Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon-rich Tungsten Silicide Films from Tungsten Hexafluoride - Disilane Pre-activated Mixtures

Saito, Takeyasu / Oshima, Keiji / Shimogaki, Yukihiro / Egashira, Yasuyuki / Sugawara, Katsuro / Takahiro, Katsumi / Nagata, Shinji / Yamaguchi, Sadae / Komiyama, Hiroshi

Published Online: 07/03/2012

Kinetics of Nitrate Hydrogenation in Water on Alumina and Niobia Supported Palladium-Copper Catalysts

Salazar, Joyce Barbosa / Ferreira, Luciana Souza / Peixoto, Fernando Cunha / Maia, Monica Pinto / Passos, Fabio B.

Published Online: 07/03/2012

Study on Black Liquor Low-temperature Gasification in Fluidized Bed by Eulerian Multiphase Computationally Fluid Dynamics Modeling

Li, Weiling / Zhong, Wenqi / Jin, Baosheng / Xiao, Rui / Shao, Yingjuan / Liu, Hao

Published Online: 07/05/2012

The Role of Catalytic Site Deposition on Cobalt Catalysts Supported on Carbon Nanotubes for Fisher-Trospch Synthesis

Surisetty, Venkateswara Rao / Epelde, Eva / Trépanier, Mariane / Kozinski, Janusz / Dalai, Ajay K.

Published Online: 07/05/2012

Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Schiff Bases: A Green Approach

Chakraborty, Mousumi / Baweja, Sanjay / Bhagat, Sunita / Chundawat, TejpalSingh

Published Online: 07/22/2012

Effect of Concentration by Thermal Swing Adsorption on the Catalytic Incineration of VOCs

Campesi, Agustina / Luzi, Carlos D. / Martínez, Osvaldo M. / Barreto, Guillermo

Published Online: 07/22/2012

Hydrothermal Conversion of Glycerin into Lactic Acid by a Continuous-Flow Reactor

Zhang, Guangyi / Jin, Fangming / Wu, Bing / Cao, Jianglin / Adam, Yousif S. / Wang, Yin

Published Online: 07/22/2012

Kinetic Modeling of Carbon Nanotube Production and Minimization of Amorphous Carbon Overlayer Deposition in Floating Catalyst Method

Samandari-Masouleh, Leila / Mostoufi, Navid / Khodadadi, AA / Mortazavi, Y. / Maghrebi, Morteza

Published Online: 07/30/2012

Polygalacturonases of Aspergillus flavipes FP-500: A Kinetic Analysis of Batch Culture Systems Based on Unstructured Models

Martinez Trujillo, Maria Aurora / Aranda Barradas, Juan S. / Aguilar Osorio, Guillermo

Published Online: 07/30/2012

DBD plasma reactor for oxidative decomposition of Chlorobenzene

Sivachandiran, L. / Karuppiah, J. / Subrahmanyam, Ch.

Published Online: 07/30/2012

Kinetic Study of the Absorption of Carbon Dioxide by Aqueous Triethanolamine Solutions

La Rubia, M. Dolores / Pacheco, Rafael / Sánchez, Antonio / López García, Ana Belén / Sánchez, Sebastián / Camacho, Fernando

Published Online: 08/03/2012

Residence Time Distribution Determination of a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor using Computational Fluid Dynamics and its Application on the Mathematical Modeling of Styrene Polymerization

Gamba, Ignacio L. / Marquez Damian, Santiago / Estenoz, Diana A. / Nigro, Norberto / Storti, Mario A. / Knoeppel, David

Published Online: 08/06/2012

Effect of Chitosan Addition on NiMo/Al2O3 Catalysts for Dibenzothiophene Hydrodesulfurization

Ríos-Caloch, Guillermina / Santes, Víctor / Escobar, José / Valle-Orta, Maiby / Barrera, María C. / Hernández-Barrera, Melissa

Published Online: 08/20/2012

Gas Holdup and Frictional Pressure Drop In a Modified Slurry Bubble Column

Sivaiah, Mekala / Majumder, Subrata Kumar

Published Online: 08/25/2012

Feasibility of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Plus Thermal Swing Adsorption (TSA) Technology For Odorant Separation - A Process Design Approach

Ker, Yaw-Bee / Chyau, Charng-Cherng / Wang, Hui-Er / Chen, Kuan-Chou / Peng, Robert Y.

Published Online: 09/10/2012

Experimental Determination of Kinetic Parameters for the Removal of Ethylacetate and Xylene in a Biofilter

Viswanathan, Saravanan / Rajasimman, Manivasagan / Natarajan, Rajamohan

Published Online: 09/19/2012

Unsteady state maximun temperature estimation and localization in a tubular chemical reactor

Vernieres-Hassimi, Lamiae / Abdelghani-Idrissi, Ahmed / Seguin, Dominique / Mouhab, Nordine

Published Online: 10/06/2012

Investigating the particle dispersion in a spout-fluid bed using particle trajectory

Zhang, Yong / Zhong, Wenqi / Jin, Baosheng / Xiao, Rui

Published Online: 10/24/2012

Mass Transfer, Adsorption and Kinetics of the Photo-catalytic Degradation Reaction of the Dye Reactive Orange 16 on TiO2 Aqueous Suspension

Elkanzi, Elamin Mohamed / Al-Aseeri, Mohamed / Kadhem, Ali Abdulhussain / Shamlooh, Mohamed Abdulnabi

Published Online: 10/30/2012

Modeling and Simulation of a Packed-bed Reactor for Carrying out the Water-Gas Shift Reaction

Manrique, Yaidelin A. / Miguel, Carlos V. / Mendes, Diogo / Mendes, Adelio / Madeira, Luis M.

Published Online: 10/31/2012

The effect of acoustic field on the particle concentration profiles in fluidized bed

Si, Chongdian / Zhou, Jing / Guo, Qingjie / Liu, Guangjun

Published Online: 11/21/2012

Effects of Preparation Approaches and Oxidizing agents on the Yield, Morphology and Thermal stability of Polyaniline

Mahmood, Wan Ahmad Kamil / Rahman Khan, Mohammad Mizanur / Yeow, Yeap Guan / Wee, Yee Keat

Published Online: 12/02/2012

Regeneration of Caramel Saturated Activated Carbon jointly by Microwave and Extractive Method

Lv, Guocheng / Wu, Limei / Wang, Xiaoyu / Liao, Libing / Li, Zhaohui / He, Wenhui

Published Online: 12/07/2012

Short Communication or Note

Effects of Lanthanum on the Structure and the Catalytic Performance of Ni/Al2O3 Catalysts for the Hydrotreating of Crude 2-Ethylhexanol

Yang, Renchun / Li, Xiaogang / Wu, Junsheng / Zhang, Xin / Zhang, Zhihua / Wang, Luhai

Published Online: 04/20/2012

Global Gibbs Free Energy Minimization in Reactive Systems via Harmony Search

Bonilla-Petriciolet, Adrian / Moreno-Virgen, Ma. del Rosario / Soto-Bernal, Juan Jose

Published Online: 06/04/2012

Benchmarking Radioactive Particle Tracking (RPT) with Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA)

Upadhyay, Rajesh K. / Roy, Shantanu / Pant, Harish J.

Published Online: 07/30/2012

MFIP 2011

Magneto-Stabilization of Fluidized Beds as due to Short Ranged Interparticle Forces

Espin, M. J. / Valverde, Jose Manuel / Quintanilla, M. A S.

Published Online: 05/16/2012

Gas-Fluidization Characteristics of Binary Mixtures of Particles in 2D Geometry

Busciglio, Antonio / Vella, Giuseppa / Micale, Dr. G.

Published Online: 05/16/2012

Prediction of the Flotsam Component in a Gas-Fluidized Bed of Two Dissimilar Solids

Di Renzo, Alberto / Di Maio, Francesco P. / Vivacqua, Vincenzino

Published Online: 05/16/2012

Gas-liquid-solid Operation of a High Aspect Ratio Self-ingesting Reactor

Scargiali, Francesca / Busciglio, Antonio / Grisafi, Franco / Brucato, Alberto

Published Online: 05/16/2012

Flow Properties of Moisturized Powders in a Couette Fluidized Bed Rheometer

Landi, Giovanna / Barletta, Diego / Lettieri, Paola / Poletto, Massimo

Published Online: 05/22/2012

Fluid-particle Drag Force in Binary-solid Suspensions

Di Felice, Renzo / Rotondi, Marco

Published Online: 05/22/2012

On Bubble Rising in Countercurrent Flow

Vecer, Marek / Lestinsky, Pavel / Wichterle, Kamil / Ruzicka, Marek

Published Online: 05/23/2012

Water-assisted Flow of Heavy Oil in a Vertical Pipe: Pilot-scale Experiments

Bannwart, Antonio C. / Rodriguez, Oscar M. H. / Biazussi, Jorge L. / Martins, Fabio N. / Selli, Marcelo F. / de Carvalho, Carlos H. M.

Published Online: 05/29/2012

A Numerical and Experimental Survey of a Liquid-Liquid Axial Cyclone

van Campen, Laurens / Mudde, Robert Frank / Slot, Jesse / Hoeijmakers, Harry

Published Online: 06/04/2012

Extended Validation of a Model of Segregating Fluidization of Homogeneous Two-Solid Beds

Formisani, Brunello / Girimonte, Rossella / Vivacqua, Vincenzino

Published Online: 06/22/2012

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