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We offer the ePUB format for all De Gruyter titles published since 2014.

This format enables you to easily read our eBooks on your mobile devices.

When you purchase an eBook from us, you will get access to both the ePUB and PDF format. You can download the whole book as ePub and single chapters as PDFs.

Individuals now also have the possibility to buy an ePUB version of a textbook at the same price as the print version. 


CoverWant to check out our new format?



Our titles will be produced as reflowable or fixed ePub depending on the structure of the eBook.

Reflowable ePUB


ePUB 2.0 file following idpf standards

Supported devices
Apple/ iBooks, Amazon Kindle, all platforms basing on Adobe Digital Edition SDK (e.g. Android devices)
  • Full-text searchable pages
  • Copy & Paste of text elements
  • Text highlighting
  • Text reflows to adjusted font size
  • Foot/Endnotes are linked to the reference
  • Functionable URLs
  • Table of Content is linked to chapters


Fixed ePUB

Supported devices
Apple/ iBooks
  • All pages are displayed exactly like the print pages
  • Searchable pages
  • Zoom In/Out features


  • Every fifth person is already reading eBooks and 58% of the eBook readers use their Smartphone for this.
  • ePUB is the most common eBook format in addition to the PDF and it is ideal for the mobile use of eBooks.
  • eBooks in ePUB format can be issued as one file and not chapter by chapter, as in the PDF.
  • ePUB based eBooks support a variable font size and can automatically adjust the presentation of the content to the screen size of the used device.
  • Furthermore, the text is searchable and can be enlarged arbitrarily, which is a great advantage for photos, illustrations and drawings.
  • The latest ePUB version supports Multimedia applications such as audio and video elements.