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Online Version (Rental Option)
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AIDA Online

Articoli italiani di periodici accademici


ISSN 1865-0082

  • Italian Bibliography in the humanities 
  • Access to 315,000 bibligraphic citations over more than 25 years
  • 1,400 italian journals in the humanities are evaluated currently
  • Holdings notes from italian libraries
  • Editing by italian librarians
  • Yearly 10,000 new entries
  • Aims and Scope

    AIDA contains 315,000 articles in the humanities from 1,400 Italian periodicals. Publications from the entire spectrum of the humanities, including peripheral disciplines, are covered. The collaboration of Italian librarians ensures that the journals evaluated provide a representative selection of the current literature in the humanities and all related fields. AIDA is not simply an extract from the IBZ. The titles of articles are sorted and compiled by an Italian-speaking editor. AIDA is therefore an ideal supplement to the IBZ.
    Each entry includes information on author, title, subject, journal title (year of publication, volume, issue, page number), ISSN, publisher, box number of union catalogue and the Italian catalogue of journals, ZDB-ID, holdings of Italian libraries.

    Type of Publication:

    Libraries, Institutes, Academics

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