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Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception

Ed. by Allison, Jr., Dale C. / Helmer, Christine / Römer, Thomas Chr. / Seow, Choon-Leong / Walfish, Barry Dov / Ziolkowski, Eric

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  • First comprehensive encyclopedia of biblical reception
  • Available online and in print
  • Interdisciplinary and international
  • Contains Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, New Testament and historical contexts
  • Spans biblical reception in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and other religions
  • Describes biblical influences on literature, visual arts, music, and film
  • CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title 2010
  • User Guide available

Aims and Scope

The projected thirty-volume Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (EBR) is intended to serve as a comprehensive guide to the current state of knowledge on the background, origins, and development of the canonical texts of the Bible as they were accepted in Judaism and Christianity. Unprecedented in breadth and scope, this encyclopedia also documents the history of the Bible's interpretation and reception across the centuries, not only in Judaism and Christianity, but also in literature, visual art, music, film, and dance, as well as in Islam and other religious traditions and new religious movements.

EBR is also available in a print version.

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