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Germanistik Online Datenbank

Internationales Referatenorgan mit bibliographischen Hinweisen 1 (1960) – 55 (2014)

[Germanistik Online Database. International Journal of Papers with Bibliographical References]

Ed. by Erhart, Walter / Grubmüller, Klaus / Kämper, Heidrun / Kilian, Jörg / Kimmich, Dorothee / Kragl, Florian / Lubkoll, Christine / Schneider, Sabine

One-time purchase of base content (RRP), subsequently annual update fee for new content.

  • More than 50 years of bibliographical information and history of German Language and Literary Studies online
  • 350,000 entries going back to the first issue
  • Annual update with 8,000 new entries
  • 1,000–1,200 reviews/volume
  • State-of-the-art classification
  • User Guide available

Aims and Scope

Germanistik, the leading international publication covering German Language and Literary Studies, is now available as online database. More than 50 years of German philology are searchable electronically. The history of the discipline – critically reviewed, systematized and keyworded – is accessible online in more than 60,000 abstracts and summaries. Altogether, approximately 350,000 monographic studies, collected volumes and journals from the areas of literature, theatre studies, media studies, cultural history, and linguistics are made accessible bibliographically.

The database will be continually expanded to include the current volume containing about 8,000 new entries and over 1,000 short papers. It provides a category-specific, full-text and detailed search and differentiated and convenient access to authors, editors, article and review writers, titles, papers, publication years and keywords. All relevant data are cross-linked. The online edition provides access to extensive subject coverage for every entered title with information on the content of the respective book or article.

For help and more information on our databases, please click here.

Supplementary Information

"Excellent historical coverage of all areas of Germanic philology. Good interface with multiple searching fields."
Brian Vetruba in: The Charlston Advisor, July 2011

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