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Romanische Bibliographie Online Datenbank


[Romance Studies Bibliography Online Database]

One-time purchase of base content, subsequently annual update fee for new content.

Free Trial Access Available!

in order to activate your free access, simply register with De Gruyter Online or log in and go to your personal user account “My De Gruyter”. Please enter your access token LINGUISTICS2014 into the field provided. Once you have redeemed your token, you will be able to access the free content via this journal page. You can find a detailed description of the activation process here. The access is granted for 30 days. Offer valid until December 31, 2014.

  • The only comprehensive specialist bibliography of Romance Studies now online
  • 460,000 entries going back to the first issue
  • Monthly updates: 10,000 new entries per year 
  • State-of-the-art classification
  • Multilingual user interface
  • User Guide available

Aims and Scope

The online version of  Romance Studies Bibliography, the only comprehensive specialist bibliography for this discipline, provides electronic access to the approximate 460,000 entries of the volumes 1965–2013, categorized according to the tried-and-tested structure tree (system key). Approximately 10,000 new entries will be added on a continuous basis every year.

The database features a category-specific and detailed search with differentiated and convenient access to the authors, editors, article and review writers, titles, publication years, keywords, and system keys.

For help and more information on our databases, please click here.

Supplementary Information

Type of Publication:

Institutes, Libraries, Academics (Romance Studies Scholars, Linguists, Literary Scholars)

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