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ARS Medica Tomitana

The Journal of "Ovidius" University of Constanta

Open Access

Volume 19, Issue 4 (Nov 2013)

Anatomical considerations on the place and formation of the renal veins

Popescu, S. / Olgun, A. / Bordei, P. / Iliescu, D.M.

Page 180

Fractures of the tibia shaft treated with locked intramedullary nail

Șerban, Al. / Botnaru, V. / Turcu, R., / Obadă, B. / Anderlik, St.

Page 197

Evolution of parasitic diseases in a collectivity of HIV positive children

Cambrea, Simona Claudia / Gorun, Elena / Ilie, Maria Margareta / Halichidis, Stela

Page 202

The link between nuchal translucency and congenital heart disease

Ionescu, C. / Gheorghiu, Diana / Iacob, Gabriela / Haradja, H.

Page 206

Morphological features of bone in calcium and vitamin D deficiency

Chircor, Lidia / Iordan, G. / Surdu, Loredana

Page 212

Morphological aspects of the bifid ureter (in „Y”)

Vărgău, M. / Iliescu, D.M. / Ionescu, C. / Bordei, P.

Page 223

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