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Biological Chemistry

Editor-in-Chief: Brüne, Bernhard

Editorial Board Member: Buchner, Johannes / Ludwig, Stephan / Sies, Helmut / Turk, Boris / Wittinghofer, Alfred

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Volume 360, Issue 2 (Jan 1979)

The Covalent Structure of Calf Skin Type III Collagen. I. The Amino Acid Sequence of the Amino Terminal Region of the αl(III) Chain (Position 1-222)

FIETZEK, Peter P. / ALLMANN, Hartmut / RAUTERBERG, Jürgen / HENKEL, Werner / WACHTER, Elmar / KÜHN, Klaus

Page 809

Published Online: 10/16/2009

-Methyl Groups on the Lysine Residues in Histones Turn over Independently of the Polypeptide Backbone

HEMPEL, Klaus / THOMAS, Günther / Roos, Gerhard / STÖCKER, Winfried / LANGE, Hans-Walter

Page 869

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Hemocyanins in Spiders, VII. Immunological Comparison of the Subunits of Eurypelma californicum Hemocyanin

LAMY, Jean / LAMY, Josette / WEILL, Jacques / MARKL, Jürgen / SCHNEIDER, Hans-Jürgen / LINZEN, Bernt

Page 889

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Abbau und Biosynthese von L-Phenylalanin in Chloridazon-abbauenden Bakterien

BUCK, Robert / EBERSPÄCHER, Jürgen / LINGENS, Franz

Page 957

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Isolation of a Crystalline A14-(N-Methylpyridinium) Derivative of Bovine Insulin

DREWES, Siegfried E. / ROBINSON, Honor M. / GLIEMANN, Jorgen

Page 987

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Characterisation of Protein Synthesis in Cell-Free Extracts from Different Mammalian Cells by their Sensitivity to Inhibitors of Polypeptide-Chain Initiation

EMMERICH, Bertold / ERBEN, Volker / WELLER, Christine / SCHUSTER, Heinrich / PREIS, Rolf / RASTETTER, Johann

Page 1099

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Novel Opioid Peptides Derived from Casein (β-Casomorphins). I. Isolation from Bovine Casein Peptone

BRANTL, Victor / TESCHEMACHER, Hansjörg / HENSCHEN, Agnes / LOTTSPEICH, Friedrich

Page 1211

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Synthesis of Anomeric Ethyl Ketosides of 5-N-Acetyl-D-neuraminic Acid


Page 1253

Published Online: 10/16/2009

RNA Synthesis in Isolated Bovine Thyroid Nuclei and Nucleoli. α-Amanitin Effect, a Hint to the Existence of a Specific Regulatory System

VOETS, Ria / LAGROU, Albert / HILDERSON, Herwig / VAN DESSEL, Guido / DIERICK, Wilfried

Page 1271

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Preparation and Fractionation of Membrane Vesicles of Thymocytes after Osmotic Cell Disruption

BAUER, Hans-Christian / FERBER, Ernst / GOLECKI, Jochen Rolf / BRUNNER, Gerd

Page 1343

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Studies on Cytochrome c Oxidase, VI. Polypeptide IV. The Complete Primary Structure

SACHER, Roland / STEFFENS, Gerd J. / BUSE, Gerhard

Page 1385

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Opioid Activity of δ -Endorphin in the Guinea Pig Ileum

LEIPOLD, Barbara / RICHTER, Dietmar

Page 1453

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Preparation and Characteristics of Porcine Growth Hormone

SCHLEYER, Mark / VOIGT, Karl-Heinz

Page 1473

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Lectin-Associated Proteins from the Seeds of Leguminosae

GANSERA, Roland / SCHURZ, Hans / RÜDIGER, Harold

Page 1579

Published Online: 10/16/2009

The Amino Acid Sequence of Goat ß-Lactoglobulin

PRÉAUX, Gisèle / BRAUNITZER, Gerhard / SCHRANK, Barbara / STANGL, Anton

Page 1595

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Synthesis and Biological Activity of Seventeen Analogues of Human Insulin

MÄRKI, Fritz / DE GASPARO, Marc / EISLER, Karel / KAMBER, Bruno / RINIKER, Bernhard / RITTEL, Werner / SIEBER, Peter

Page 1619

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Studies on Cytochrome c Oxidase, VII. Isolation and Chemical Characterization of Polypeptide VII

STEFFENS, Guy C.M. / STEFFENS, Gerd J. / BUSE, Gerhard / WITTE, Ludger / NAU, Heinz

Page 1633

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Studies on Cytochrome c Oxidase, VIII. The Amino Acid Sequence of Polypeptide VII

STEFFENS, Guy C. M. / STEFFENS, Gerd J. / BUSE, Gerhard

Page 1641

Published Online: 10/16/2009

A Spot Fluorometer for Protein Determination

ZIMMER, Hans-Georg / KIEHL, Friedhelm / NEUHOFF, Volker

Page 1671

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Nicotinic Acid Metabolism. 2,3-Dimethylmalate Lyase

PIRZER, Paul / LILL, Ute / EGGERER, Hermann

Page 1693

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Properties and Substrate Specificities of two Neuraminidases from Trichomonas fetus

CRAMPEN, Maria / VON NICOLAI, Hubertus / ZILLIKEN, Fritz

Page 1703

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Darstellung von N,N-Bis(methylsulfonylethoxycarbonyl)insulinen


Page 1721

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Purification and Characterization of a Mitogenic Lectin and a Lectin-Binding Protein from Vicia sativa

GEBAUER, Günter / SCHILTZ, Emil / SCHIMPL, Anneliese / RÜDIGER, Harold

Page 1727

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Intrinsic ADP-Ribose Transferase Activity versus Levels of Mono(ADP-Ribose)Protein Conjugates in Proliferating Ehrlich Ascites Tumor Cells

BREDEHORST, Reinhard / GOEBEL, Markus / RENZI, Fatma / KITTLER, Margrid / KLAPPROTH, Karin / HILZ, Helmuth

Page 1737

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Isolation of Basic Acrosin Inhibitor from Bull Seminal Plasma (BUSI II)


Page 1753

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Isolation of Acidic Acrosin Isoinhibitors (BUSI I A, BUSI I B1 and BUSI I B2) from Bull Seminal Plasma


Page 1759

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Synthesis of the C-terminal Decapeptide of Bovine Insulin B-Chain

HEMMASI, Bahram / WOIWODE, Wolfgang / BAYER, Ernst

Page 1775

Published Online: 10/16/2009

Effects of Chloramine T and lodination on the Biological Activity of Melanotropin

HEWARD, Christopher B. / YANG, Young C.S. / ORMBERG, James F. / HADLEY, Mac E. / HRUBY, Victor J.

Page 1851

Published Online: 10/16/2009

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