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The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy

Editor-in-Chief: Jürges, Hendrik / Ludwig, Sandra

Ed. by Auriol , Emmanuelle / Brunner, Johann / Fleck, Robert / Mendola, Mariapia / Requate, Till / Zulehner, Christine / Schirle, Tammy

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Volume 5, Issue 1 (Dec 2005)

Advances Article

Behavioral Biases Meet the Market: The Case of Magazine Subscription Prices

Oster, Sharon M. / Scott Morton, Fiona M.

Published Online: 03/01/2005

Regulatory Incentives and Consolidation: The Case of Commercial Bank Mergers and the Community Reinvestment Act

Bostic, Raphael / Paulson, Anna L / Mehran, Hamid / Saidenberg, Marc

Published Online: 04/15/2005

Do Cigarette Taxes Make Smokers Happier

Gruber, Jonathan H / Mullainathan, Sendhil

Published Online: 07/13/2005

Optimal Taxation with Cournot Oligopoly

Reinhorn, Leslie J.

Published Online: 10/18/2005

Risk and Career Choice

Saks, Raven E / Shore, Stephen H

Published Online: 10/25/2005

Contributions Article

Can Supply Restrictions Lower Price? Violence, Drug Dealing and Positional Advantage

Caulkins, Jonathan P / Reuter, Peter / Taylor, Lowell J

Published Online: 01/24/2006

Life-Cycle Consumption and the Age-Adjusted Value of Life

Kniesner, Thomas J / Viscusi, W. Kip / Ziliak, James P

Published Online: 01/31/2006

Modeling Addictive Consumption as an Infectious Disease

Alamar, Benjamin / Glantz, Stanton A.

Published Online: 03/17/2006

Tariffs and Firm-Level Heterogeneous Fixed Export Costs

Jørgensen, Jan Guldager / Schröder, Philipp J. H.

Published Online: 07/10/2006

New Approaches to Ranking Economics Journals

Kodrzycki, Yolanda K. / Yu, Pingkang

Published Online: 08/18/2006

Administrative Delays as Barriers to Trade

Regibeau, Pierre M / Rockett, Katharine E

Published Online: 09/19/2006

The Determinants of Pharmaceutical Research and Development Investments

Civan, Abdulkadir / Maloney, Michael T.

Published Online: 09/26/2006

Trade and Contract Enforcement

Anderson, James E / Young, Leslie

Published Online: 11/13/2006

Why Tariffs, Not Subsidies? A Search for Stylized Facts

Ederington, Josh / Minier, Jenny

Published Online: 11/13/2006

Moral Federalism

Janeba, Eckhard

Published Online: 11/14/2006

Tariff Evasion and Customs Corruption: Does Pre-Shipment Inspection Help?

Anson, Jose / Cadot, Olivier / Olarreaga, Marcelo

Published Online: 12/03/2006

Topics Article

Vertical Foreign Direct Investment, Welfare, and Employment

Elberfeld, Walter / Götz, Georg / Stähler, Frank

Published Online: 02/07/2005

Do People Value Racial Diversity? Evidence from Nielsen Ratings

Aldrich, Eric M / Arcidiacono, Peter S. / Vigdor, Jacob L

Published Online: 02/08/2005

Why do Municipalities Recycle?

Kinnaman, Thomas C.

Published Online: 02/22/2005

How Do "Point Oh-Eight" (.08) BAC Laws Work?

Carpenter, Christopher / Harris, Katherine

Published Online: 02/24/2005

On the Virtues of the Shame Lane

Richiardi, Matteo G

Published Online: 05/09/2005

Nonpoint Source Pollution When Polluters Might Cooperate

Millock, Katrin / Salanié, François

Published Online: 07/20/2005

Trade Potentials in Gravity Panel Data Models

De Benedictis, Luca / Vicarelli, Claudio

Published Online: 09/27/2005

Voting on Tariff and Retaliation

van Ypersele, Tanguy

Published Online: 01/07/2006

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