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The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy

Editor-in-Chief: Jürges, Hendrik / Ludwig, Sandra

Ed. by Auriol , Emmanuelle / Brunner, Johann / Fleck, Robert / Friebel, Guido / Mendola, Mariapia / Requate, Till / Tsui, Kevin / Wichardt, Philipp / Zulehner, Christine

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Volume 11, Issue 1 (Dec 2011)

Advances Article

The Progressivity of Social Security

Coronado, Julia Lynn / Fullerton, Don / Glass, Thomas

Published Online: 11/23/2011

Contributions Article

Demanding Customers: Consumerist Patients and Quality of Care

Fang, Hai / Miller, Nolan H. / Rizzo, John / Zeckhauser, Richard

Published Online: 09/18/2011

The Impact of Class Size on Outcomes in Higher Education

Monks, James / Schmidt, Robert M.

Published Online: 09/29/2011

Estimating Dynamic Income Responses to Tax Reform

Holmlund, Bertil / Söderström, Martin

Published Online: 11/28/2011

Are Entry Threats Always Credible?

Dasgupta, Utteeyo

Published Online: 12/13/2011

Medicaid and Ethnic Networks

Gee, Emily R. / Giuntella, G. Osea

Published Online: 12/30/2011

The Influence of Firms on Government

Macher, Jeffrey T / Mayo, John W / Schiffer, Mirjam

Published Online: 01/06/2011

Do Rising Top Incomes Lift All Boats?

Andrews, Dan / Jencks, Christopher / Leigh, Andrew

Published Online: 01/14/2011

Income Distribution, Search and Market Efficiency

Simhon, Avi / Fishman, Arthur

Published Online: 01/25/2011

Sourcing Premia with Incomplete Contracts: Theory and Evidence

Kohler, Wilhelm K / Smolka, Marcel

Published Online: 02/02/2011

Unitization of Spatially Connected Renewable Resources

Kaffine, Daniel T / Costello, Christopher

Published Online: 03/04/2011

Comparative Advantage and Skill-Specific Unemployment

Larch, Mario / Lechthaler, Wolfgang

Published Online: 04/14/2011

Ordering Renewable Resources: Groundwater, Recycling, and Desalination

Roumasset, James / Wada, Christopher A

Published Online: 05/16/2011

A Deadly Disparity: A Unified Assessment of the Black-White Infant Mortality Gap

Elder, Todd E / Goddeeris, John H / Haider, Steven J

Published Online: 06/13/2011

Immigration, Family Responsibilities and the Labor Supply of Skilled Native Women

Farré, Lidia / González, Libertad / Ortega, Francesc

Published Online: 06/14/2011

Distress in the Financial Sector and Economic Activity

Carlson, Mark A / King, Thomas / Lewis, Kurt

Published Online: 06/15/2011

Private Schools and Residential Choices: Accessibility, Mobility, and Welfare

Hanushek, Eric A / Sarpça, Sinan / Yilmaz, Kuzey

Published Online: 08/02/2011

Group Decision-Making and Voting in Ultimatum Bargaining: An Experimental Study

Elbittar, Alexander / Gomberg, Andrei / Sour, Laura

Published Online: 08/24/2011

Booms, Busts, and Divorce

Hellerstein, Judith K / Morrill, Melinda Sandler

Published Online: 08/29/2011

Product Market Competition and Investments in Cooperative R&D

Hinloopen, Jeroen / Vandekerckhove, Jan

Published Online: 09/13/2011

Topics Article

Oligopoly on a Salop Circle with Centre

Madden, Paul / Pezzino, Mario

Published Online: 01/06/2011

Will Border Carbon Adjustments Work?

Winchester, Niven / Paltsev, Sergey / Reilly, John M

Published Online: 01/14/2011

Tax Policy to Reduce Carbon Emissions in a Distorted Economy: Illustrations from a South Africa CGE Model

Devarajan, Shantayanan / Go, Delfin S / Robinson, Sherman / Thierfelder, Karen

Published Online: 02/14/2011

Advertising Versus Sales in Demand Creation

Hochman, Gal / Hochman, Oded / Hochman, Eithan / Heiman, Amir / Leung, PingSun

Published Online: 03/30/2011

Competition and Welfare Effects of VAT Exemptions

Dietl, Helmut M / Jaag, Christian / Lang, Markus / Trinkner, Urs W.O.

Published Online: 04/11/2011

Factor Demand Analysis for Ethanol in the U.S. Refinery Industry

Chaudhuri, Malika / Tonsor, Glynn T / Peterson, H. Christopher

Published Online: 04/12/2011

Small Fish Become Big Fish: Mergers in Stackelberg Markets Revisited

Brito, Duarte / Catalão-Lopes, Margarida

Published Online: 05/02/2011

French Automobiles and the Chinese Boycotts of 2008: Politics Really Does Affect Commerce

Hong, Canhui / Hu, Wei-Min / Prieger, James E. / Zhu, Dongming

Published Online: 05/13/2011

A Tail-Payoff Puzzle in Dynamic Pollution Control

Iho, Antti / Kitti, Mitri

Published Online: 05/25/2011

Does Product Market Competition Increase Credit Availability?

Cerasi, Vittoria / Fedele, Alessandro

Published Online: 07/15/2011

Public Policies, Women's Employment after Childbearing, and Child Well-Being

Washbrook, Elizabeth / Ruhm, Christopher J / Waldfogel, Jane / Han, Wen-Jui

Published Online: 07/28/2011

The Impact of Antitrust Fines on the Formation of Collusive Cartels

Bartolini, David / Zazzaro, Alberto

Published Online: 09/18/2011

Labor Market Effects of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

Hore, John / Carrington, William J.

Published Online: 10/03/2011

How Do Editors Select Papers, and How Good are They at Doing It?

Hofmeister, Robert / Krapf, Matthias

Published Online: 10/06/2011

Measuring the Impact of Anti-SLAPP Legislation on Monitoring and Enforcement

Ashenmiller, Bevin / Norman, Catherine Shelley

Published Online: 11/03/2011

Ambiguity Aversion and Portfolio Choice in Small-Scale Peruvian Farming

Engle Warnick, James C. / Escobal, Javier / Laszlo, Sonia C.

Published Online: 11/04/2011

Medicaid and Wealth: A Re-Examination

Gittleman, Maury

Published Online: 11/15/2011

The Economics of the Long Tail

Kendall, Todd D. / Tsui, Kevin

Published Online: 12/30/2011

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