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Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)

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Standardized quantification of circulating peripheral tumor cells from lung and breast cancer

Katharina Pachmann1 / Joachim H. Clement2 / Claus-Peter Schneider3 / Babette Willen4 / Oumar Camara5 / Ulrich Pachmann6 / Klaus Höffken7








Corresponding author: Katharina Pachmann, Abteilung für Experimentelle Hämatologie und Onkologie der Klinik für Innere Medizin II der Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena, Erlanger Allee 101, 07747 Jena, Germany Phone: +49-3641-9325821, Fax: +49-3641-9325827,

Citation Information: Clinical Chemical Laboratory Medicine. Volume 43, Issue 6, Pages 617–627, ISSN (Online) 1437-4331, ISSN (Print) 1434-6621, DOI: 10.1515/CCLM.2005.107, June 2005

Publication History

November 30, 2004
April 20, 2005


Detection and quantitation of circulating tumor cells from solid epithelial tumors could become a valuable tool for therapy monitoring if the procedure can be standardized. In the present work we assessed the influence of preanalytical handling, storage and white blood cell isolation on analysis of a population of spiked tumor cell-line cells and intrinsically present epithelial cells in the peripheral blood of breast and lung cancer patients and the sensitivity of their detection. Sucrose density separation did not enrich epithelial cells, and even depleted them, leading to a gross underestimation of their numbers (3/13 positive, between 2.9 and 50 cells/mL) in comparison to red blood cell lysis (13/13 positive, between 77,200 and 800 cells/mL). Short-term storage of whole blood samples for up to 7 days had little influence on the number of epithelial cells recovered. The effectiveness of magnetic bead enrichment was dependent on the number of relevant cells and the volume used for enrichment. Red blood cell lysis and fluorochrome-labeled antibody staining in a no-wash procedure with subsequent laser scanning cytometry allowed the detection of circulating epithelial cells in 92% of breast and lung cancer patients. Two examples of how this method can be applied for the longitudinal analysis in individual patients are shown, with an increase in numbers preceding relapse and a decrease paralleling tumor reduction. The proposed simple and easy method allows close monitoring, which may help in real-time analysis of the response of solid tumors, especially their systemic component, to therapy and hopefully will contribute to more individually tailored therapy.

Keywords: circulating tumor cells; standardization; therapy monitoring.

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