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Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)

Published in Association with the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM)

Editor-in-Chief: Plebani, Mario

Ed. by Gillery, Philippe / Lackner, Karl J. / Lippi, Giuseppe / Melichar, Bohuslav / Schlattmann, Peter / Tate, Jillian R. / Tsongalis, Gregory J.

14 Issues per year

IMPACT FACTOR 2014: 2.707
Rank 6 out of 30 in category Medical Laboratory Technology in the 2014 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report/Science Edition

SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) 2014: 0.741
Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) 2014: 1.011
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Volume 50, Issue 2 (Feb 2012)



Gold nanoparticles in the clinical laboratory: principles of preparation and applications

Azzazy, Hassan M.E. / Mansour, Mai M.H. / Samir, Tamer M. / Franco, Ricardo

Page 193

Published Online: 10/06/2011

The physiology and pathobiology of human kallikrein-related peptidase 6 (KLK6)

Bayani, Jane / Diamandis, Eleftherios P.

Page 211

Published Online: 11/03/2011

Mini Review

From “Clinical Proteomics” to “Clinical Chemistry Proteomics”: considerations using quantitative mass-spectrometry as a model approach

Lehmann, Sylvain / Poinot, Pauline / Tiers, Laurent / Junot, Christophe / Becher, François / Hirtz, Christophe

Page 235

Published Online: 10/08/2011

Opinion Paper

Considerations for early acute myocardial infarction rule-out for emergency department chest pain patients: the case of copeptin

Lippi, Giuseppe / Plebani, Mario / Di Somma, Salvatore / Monzani, Valter / Tubaro, Marco / Volpe, Massimo / Moscatelli, Paolo / Vernocchi, Arialdo / Cavazza, Mario / Galvani, Marcello / Cappelletti, Piero / Marenzi, Giancarlo / Ferraro, Simona / Lombardi, Alberto / Peracino, Andrea

Page 243

Published Online: 01/06/2012


Do genome-wide association scans have potential for translation?

Lopes, Margarida C. / Zeggini, Eleftheria / Panoutsopoulou, Kalliope

Page 255

Published Online: 10/25/2011

Genetics and Molecular Diagnostics

Evaluation of Maxwell® 16 for automated DNA extraction from whole blood and formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue

Khokhar, Shama Khan / Mitui, Midori / Leos, Nora Kristine / Rogers, Beverly Barton / Park, Jason Y.

Page 267

Published Online: 10/25/2011

Screening for mutations in the α-globin genes leading to abnormal hemoglobin variants with high resolution melting analysis

Liu, Ying-Na / Li, Ru / Zhou, Jian-Ying / Xie, Xing-Mei / Li, Jian / Liao, Can / Li, Dong-Zhi

Page 273

Published Online: 10/25/2011

Alternative methods to a TaqMan assay to detect a tri-allelic single nucleotide polymorphism rs757210 in the HNF1β gene

Swen, Jesse J. / Baak-Pablo, Renee F. / Guchelaar, Henk-Jan / van der Straaten, Tahar

Page 279

Published Online: 10/21/2011

Gender- and obesity-specific effect of apolipoprotein C3 gene (APOC3) –482C>T polymorphism on triglyceride concentration in Turkish adults

Coban, Neslihan / Onat, Altan / Guclu-Geyik, Filiz / Komurcu-Bayrak, Evrim / Sansoy, Vedat / Hergenc, Gulay / Can, Günay / Erginel-Unaltuna, Nihan

Page 285

Published Online: 10/18/2011

Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) insertion/deletion (I/D) polymorphism and circulating ACE levels are not associated with outcome in critically ill septic patients

Tsantes, Argirios / Tsangaris, Iraklis / Kopterides, Petros / Nikolopoulos, Georgios / Kalamara, Eleni / Antonakos, Georgios / Kapsimali, Violetta / Gialeraki, Argiri / Dimopoulou, Ioanna / Orfanos, Stylianos / Dima, Kleanthi / Travlou, Anthi / Armaganidis, Apostolos

Page 293

Published Online: 10/21/2011

Detection of internal tandem duplications in the FLT3 gene by different electrophoretic methods

Bubán, Tamás / Koczok, Katalin / Földesi, Róza / Szabó, Gabriella / Sümegi, Andrea / Tanyi, Miklós / Szerafin, László / Udvardy, Miklós / Kappelmayer, János / Antal-Szalmás, Péter

Page 301

Published Online: 11/04/2011

Functional polymorphisms of GSTA1 and GSTO2 genes associated with asthma in Italian children

Piacentini, Sara / Verrotti, Alberto / Polimanti, Renato / Giannini, Cosimo / Saccucci, Patrizia / Manfellotto, Dario / Fuciarelli, Maria

Page 311

Published Online: 10/31/2011

General Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Optimisation of whole blood and plasma manganese assay by ICP-MS without use of a collision cell

Richardson, Claire / Roberts, Edward / Nelms, Simon / Roberts, Norman B.

Page 317

Published Online: 11/18/2011

Quantitative performance of antibody array technology in a prenatal screening setting

Rodenburg, Wendy / Reimerink, Johan H. / Imholz, Sandra / Godeke, Gert-Jan / Pennings, Jeroen L.A. / Schielen, Peter C.J.I. / Koster, Maria P.H. / de Vries, Annemieke

Page 325

Published Online: 10/28/2011

A comparison of the acute effects of calcium and strontium ranelate on the serum marker of bone resorption

Maresova, Kristyna Brabnikova / Franek, Tomas / Vondracek, Tomas / Stepan, Jan J.

Page 333

Published Online: 11/14/2011

A new dot immunoassay for simultaneous detection of celiac specific antibodies and IgA-deficiency

Conrad, Karsten / Roggenbuck, Dirk / Ittenson, Annelore / Reinhold, Dirk / Buettner, Thomas / Laass, Martin W.

Page 337

Development of control material for hemoglobin analysis

Pornprasert, Sakorn / Kongthai, Kunyakan / Waneesorn, Jarurin / Jaiping, Kanokwan / Treesuwan, Kallayanee

Page 351

Published Online: 11/10/2011

Evaluation of nucleated red blood cells in the peripheral blood of hematological diseases

Danise, Paolo / Maconi, Mariacaterina / Barrella, Fabio / Di Palma, Anna / Avino, Daniela / Rovetti, Adele / Gioia, Maria / Amendola, Giovanni

Page 357

Published Online: 10/25/2011

The effect of hematocrit on the results of measurements using glucose meters based on different techniques

Solnica, Bogdan / Skupien, Jan / Kusnierz-Cabala, Beata / Slowinska-Solnica, Krystyna / Witek, Przemyslaw / Cempa, Agnieszka / Malecki, Maciej T.

Page 361

Published Online: 11/03/2011

Pseudoeosinophilia of synovial fluid is caused by crystals mimicking the distinct light scattering fractions of eosinophilic granules

Robier, Christoph / Quehenberger, Franz / Neubauer, Manfred / Stettin, Mariana / Rainer, Franz

Page 371

Published Online: 10/11/2011

The effect of acidification and oxalate concentration on urine calcium measurements in EQAS materials and patient samples

Gammeren, Adriaan J. van / Haperen, Corrie van / Kuypers, Aldy W.H.M.

Page 375

Published Online: 09/16/2011

Cancer Diagnostics

The multi-cancer marker, rs6983267, located at region 3 of chromosome 8q24, is associated with prostate cancer in Greek patients but does not contribute to the aggressiveness of the disease

Papanikolopoulou, Amalia / Landt, Olfert / Ntoumas, Konstantinos / Bolomitis, Stefanos / Tyritzis, Stavros I. / Constantinides, Constantinos / Drakoulis, Nikolaos

Page 379

Published Online: 11/14/2011

Cardiovascular Diseases

Heart type fatty acid binding protein in relation to pharmacologic scintigraphy in coronary artery disease

Sbarouni, Eftihia / Georgiadou, Panagiota / Koutelou, Maria / Constantinos, Mihas / Chaidaroglou, Antigoni / Degiannis, Demitris / Voudris, Vassilis

Page 387

Published Online: 10/25/2011

Effects of fibrates on C-reactive protein concentrations: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Hao, Yongchen / Zhang, Huan / Yang, Xueli / Wang, Lu / Gu, Dongfeng

Page 391

Published Online: 11/18/2011

Letters to the Editor

Comparison of Bio-Plex measurements with standard techniques

Ribeiro, Sandra / Nascimento, Henrique / Borges, Ana / Faria, Maria do Sameiro / Rocha-Pereira, Petronila / Costa, Elísio / Belo, Luís / Santos-Silva, Alice

Page 399

Published Online: 11/14/2011

Interference of hemoglobin (Hb) Las Palmas with HPLC measurement of HbA1c in 87 patients

Lorenzo-Medina, Mercedes / De La Iglesia, Silvia / Ropero, Paloma / Navarro-Romero, Mercedes / Martín-Alfaro, Ruth / Guindeo-Casasús, Carmen

Page 403

Published Online: 11/10/2011

False-positive calcitonin results in patients with benign goiter

Giovanella, Luca / Suriano, Sergio / Cattaneo, Fabio / Bongiovanni, Massimo

Page 407

Published Online: 11/10/2011


Heterophilic antibody interference in commercial immunoassays; a screening study using paired native and pre-blocked sera

Bolstad, Nils / Warren, David J. / Bjerner, Johan / Kravdal, Gunnhild / Schwettmann, Lutz / Olsen, Kari H. / Rustad, Pål / Nustad, Kjell

Page 409

Congress Abstracts

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