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Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)

Published in Association with the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM)

Editor-in-Chief: Plebani, Mario

Ed. by Gillery, Philippe / Lackner, Karl J. / Lippi, Giuseppe / Melichar, Bohuslav / Schlattmann, Peter / Tate, Jillian R. / Tsongalis, Gregory J.

IMPACT FACTOR 2014: 2.707
Rank 6 out of 30 in category Medical Laboratory Technology in the 2014 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report/Science Edition

SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) 2014: 0.741
Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP) 2014: 1.011
Impact per Publication (IPP) 2014: 2.310



Volume 50, Issue 4 (Apr 2012)



microRNA and the pathogenesis of ovarian cancer – a new horizon for molecular diagnostics and treatment?

Kuhlmann, Jan Dominik / Rasch, Jens / Wimberger, Pauline / Kasimir-Bauer, Sabine

Page 601

Published Online: 01/13/2012

The hCG assay or pregnancy test

Cole, Laurence A.

Page 617

Published Online: 12/07/2011

Mini Reviews

The role of mean platelet volume in predicting thrombotic events

Colkesen, Yucel / Muderrisoglu, Haldun

Page 631

Published Online: 11/24/2011

The role of red blood cell distribution width in cardiovascular and thrombotic disorders

Montagnana, Martina / Cervellin, Gianfranco / Meschi, Tiziana / Lippi, Giuseppe

Page 635

Published Online: 12/17/2011

Genetics and Molecular Diagnostics

Comparison of different collection procedures and two methods for DNA isolation from saliva

Durdiaková, Jaroslava / Kamodyová, Natália / Ostatníková, Daniela / Vlková, Barbora / Celec, Peter

Page 643

Published Online: 12/07/2011

Detection of α-globin gene deletion and duplication using quantitative multiplex PCR of short fluorescent fragments

Mo, Zong-Ping / Yu, Chang-Shun / Li, Ya-Juan / Cao, Wei-xi / Zeng, Zheng-Yu / Zhan, Yi-Xin / Mo, Gui-ling / Hu, Chaohui / Feng, Wenli

Page 649

Published Online: 12/17/2011

High-throughput detection, genotyping and quantification of the human papillomavirus using real-time PCR

Micalessi, Isabel M. / Boulet, Gaëlle A.V. / Bogers, Johannes J. / Benoy, Ina H. / Depuydt, Christophe E.

Page 655

Published Online: 12/20/2011

General Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Quantification of human serum insulin concentrations in clinical pharmacokinetic or bioequivalence studies: what defines the “best method”?

Cassidy, James P. / Luzio, Stephen D. / Marino, Mark T. / Baughman, Robert A.

Page 663

Published Online: 01/19/2012

Serum cystatin C is an early biomarker for assessment of renal function in burn patients

Cai, Xiaoyan / Long, Zhaolin / Lin, Lianduo / Feng, Yudong / Zhou, Naxi / Mai, Qifeng

Page 667

Published Online: 01/19/2012

Mid-stream vs. first-voided urine collection by using automated analyzers for particle examination in healthy subjects: an Italian multicenter study

Manoni, Fabio / Gessoni, Gianluca / Alessio, Maria Grazia / Caleffi, Alberta / Saccani, Graziella / Silvestri, Maria Grazia / Poz, Donatella / Ercolin, Mauro / Tinello, Agostino / Valverde, Sara / Ottomano, Cosimo / Lippi, Giuseppe

Page 679

Published Online: 12/20/2011

Percentage of hypochromic erythrocytes as a potential marker of iron availability

Urrechaga, Eloísa / Borque, Luís / Escanero, Jesús F.

Page 685

Published Online: 12/17/2011

Laboratory evaluation of a flow cytometric BCR-ABL immunobead assay

Hevessy, Zsuzsanna / Hudák, Renáta / Kiss-Sziráki, Valéria / Antal-Szalmás, Péter / Udvardy, Miklós / Rejtő, László / Szerafin, László / Kappelmayer, János

Page 689

Published Online: 12/17/2011

Validation and Outcome Studies

Independent validation of the Enhanced Liver Fibrosis (ELF) score in the ANRS HC EP 23 Fibrostar cohort of patients with chronic hepatitis C

Guéchot, Jérôme / Trocmé, Candice / Renversez, Jean-Charles / Sturm, Nathalie / Zarski, Jean-Pierre /

Page 693

Published Online: 01/13/2012

Cancer Diagnostics

Demasking of epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM) on circulating epithelial tumor cells by Tween®20 treatment in breast cancer patients

Hekimian, Katya / Stein, Ernst-Ludwig / Pachmann, Ulrich / Pachmann, Katharina

Page 701

Published Online: 12/07/2012

Anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies are associated with the absence of distant metastases in patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer

Farahati, Jamshid / Roggenbuck, Dirk / Gilman, Elena / Schütte, Martin / Jagminaite, Elena / Seyed Zakavi, Rasoul / Löning, Thomas / Heissen, Eberhard

Page 709

Published Online: 12/08/2011

Blood presence of circulating oncofetal fibronectin mRNA, by RT-PCR, does not represent a useful specific marker for the management and follow-up of thyroid cancer patients

Vendittelli, Francesca / Raffaelli, Marco / Fadda, Guido / Carelli-Alinovi, Cristiana / Paolillo, Carmela / Bellantone, Rocco / Zuppi, Cecilia / Capoluongo, Ettore

Page 715

Published Online: 01/06/2012

Serum mesothelin and megakaryocyte potentiating factor in pancreatic and biliary cancers

Sharon, Elad / Zhang, Jingli / Hollevoet, Kevin / Steinberg, Seth M. / Pastan, Ira / Onda, Masanori / Gaedcke, Jochen / Ghadimi, B. Michael / Ried, Thomas / Hassan, Raffit

Page 721

Published Online: 12/08/2011

Cardiovascular Diseases

The performance of high sensitivity troponin for the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction is underestimated

Aldous, Sally J. / Florkowski, Chris M. / Crozier, Ian G. / Than, Martin P.

Page 727

Published Online: 12/17/2011

Measurement of high-molecular-weight adiponectin is not useful in assessing coronary stenosis

Imatoh, Takuya / Miyazaki, Motonobu / Kadowaki, Ken / Tanihara, Shinichi / Akashi, Chinami / Une, Hiroshi

Page 741

Published Online: 12/17/2011

Letters to the Editor

Serum concentration of neopterin on admission does not improve the diagnostic performance of highly-sensitive troponin I

Montagnana, Martina / Lippi, Giuseppe / Danese, Elisa / Salvagno, Gian Luca / Cervellin, Gianfranco / Guidi, Gian Cesare

Page 747

Published Online: 12/10/2011

Falsely decreased ionized calcium results due to analytical interference by teriflunomide, the active metabolite of leflunomide (Arava®)

Hubeek, Isabelle / Abrahams, Alferso C. / de Bruin, Michiel / Kemperman, Hans

Page 755

Published Online: 02/10/2012

Congress Abstracts


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