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Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)

Published in Association with the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM)

Editor-in-Chief: Plebani, Mario

Editorial Board Member: Gillery, Philippe / Kazmierczak, Steven / Lackner, Karl J. / Lippi, Giuseppe / Melichar, Bohuslav / Schlattmann, Peter / Whitfield, John B.

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Volume 52, Issue 8 (Aug 2014)


Page i

Published Online: 06/27/2014


Colorectal cancer and screening programs: not only analytical issues

Plebani, Mario / Lippi, Giuseppe / Melichar, Bohuslav

Page 1087

Published Online: 06/04/2014


Laboratory diagnostics of inherited platelet disorders

Carubbi, Cecilia / Masselli, Elena / Nouvenne, Antonio / Russo, Domenico / Galli, Daniela / Mirandola, Prisco / Gobbi, Giuliana / Vitale, Marco

Page 1091

Published Online: 04/03/2014

Reticulated platelets: analytical aspects and clinical utility

Hoffmann, Johannes J.M.L.

Page 1107

Published Online: 05/07/2014

Genetics and Molecular Diagnostics

Advanced tools for BRCA1/2 mutational screening: comparison between two methods for large genomic rearrangements (LGRs) detection

Concolino, Paola / Mello, Enrica / Minucci, Angelo / Santonocito, Concetta / Scambia, Giovanni / Giardina, Bruno / Capoluongo, Ettore

Page 1119

Published Online: 03/26/2014

General Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Establishing, harmonizing and analyzing critical values in a large academic health center

Hashim, Ibrahim A. / Cuthbert, Jennifer A.

Page 1129

Published Online: 03/13/2014

Standardization of DiaSorin and Roche automated third generation PTH assays with an International Standard: impact on clinical populations

Cavalier, Etienne / Delanaye, Pierre / Lukas, Pierre / Carlisi, Agnes / Gadisseur, Romy / Souberbielle, Jean-Claude

Page 1137

Published Online: 03/26/2014

First fully automated immunoassay for anti-Müllerian hormone

Gassner, Dieter / Jung, Rebecca

Page 1143

Published Online: 03/13/2014

A multicenter evaluation of dysthyroxinemia in a defined patient cohort

Vogt, Mario H.J. / Bons, Judith A.P. / Janssen, Marcel J.W. / Naus, Andre / Oosterhuis, Wytze / ten Kate, Joop / Menheere, Paul P.C.A.

Page 1153

Published Online: 04/09/2014

New biomarkers in diagnosis of early onset preeclampsia and imminent delivery prognosis

Álvarez-Fernández, Indira / Prieto, Belén / Rodríguez, Verónica / Ruano, Yolanda / Escudero, Ana I. / Álvarez, Francisco V.

Page 1159

Published Online: 02/21/2014

Soluble Fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 to placental growth factor ratio in mid-pregnancy as a predictor of preterm preeclampsia in asymptomatic pregnant women

Forest, Jean-Claude / Thériault, Sébastien / Massé, Jacques / Bujold, Emmanuel / Giguère, Yves

Page 1169

Published Online: 02/18/2014

Development of a new immunoassay for the detection of ethyl glucuronide (EtG) in meconium: validation with authentic specimens analyzed using LC-MS/MS. Preliminary results

Pichini, Simona / Morini, Luca / Pacifici, Roberta / Tuyay, James / Rodrigues, Warren / Solimini, Renata / Garcia-Algar, Oscar / Ramis, Juan / Moore, Christine

Page 1179

Published Online: 03/07/2014

Optimizing centrifugation of coagulation samples in laboratory automation

Suchsland, Juliane / Friedrich, Nele / Grotevendt, Anne / Kallner, Anders / Lüdemann, Jan / Nauck, Matthias / Petersmann, Astrid

Page 1187

Published Online: 04/02/2014

Evaluation of the automated coagulation analyzer CS-5100 and its utility in high throughput laboratories

Ratzinger, Franz / Schmetterer, Klaus G. / Haslacher, Helmuth / Perkmann, Thomas / Belik, Sabine / Quehenberger, Peter

Page 1193

Published Online: 04/10/2014

A new sampling device for faecal immunochemical testing: haemoglobin stability is still an open issue

Gnatta, Elisa / Zaninotto, Martina / Epifani, Maria Grazia / Padoan, Andrea / Gjini, Romelda / Plebani, Mario

Page 1203

Published Online: 02/07/2014

Reference Values

Faecal haemoglobin concentrations vary with sex and age, but data are not transferable across geography for colorectal cancer screening

Fraser, Callum G. / Rubeca, Tiziana / Rapi, Stefano / Chen, Li-Sheng / Chen, Hsiu-Hsiu

Page 1211

Published Online: 03/15/2014

Cancer Diagnostics

Enhanced miR-182 transcription is a predictor of poor overall survival in colorectal adenocarcinoma patients

Rapti, Stamatia-Maria / Kontos, Christos K. / Papadopoulos, Iordanis N. / Scorilas, Andreas

Page 1217

Published Online: 03/08/2014

Importance of promoter methylation of GATA4 and TP53 genes in endometrioid carcinoma of endometrium

Chmelarova, Marcela / Kos, Spela / Dvorakova, Eva / Spacek, Jiri / Laco, Jan / Ruszova, Ema / Hrochova, Katerina / Palicka, Vladimir

Page 1229

Published Online: 03/21/2014

Frequent methylation of HOXA9 gene in tumor tissues and plasma samples from human hepatocellular carcinomas

Kuo, Chih-Chi / Lin, Ching-Yu / Shih, Yu-Lueng / Hsieh, Chung-Bao / Lin, Pei-Yu / Guan, Shuh-Bing / Hsieh, Ming-Song / Lai, Hung-Cheng / Chen, Chien-Jen / Lin, Ya-Wen

Page 1235

Published Online: 03/21/2003

Letters to the Editor

A questionnaire study among nurses: awareness of blood and urine sample collection procedures

Yüksel, Hatice / Kaplan, İbrahim / Toprak, Gülten / Evliyaoğlu, Osman / Kuş, Seyit / Azizoğlu, Mustafa / Mete, Nuriye

Page e159

Published Online: 03/04/2014

Measurement uncertainty and clinical interpretation of measurement results

Fuentes-Arderiu, Xavier / Rigo-Bonnin, Raül

Page e163

Published Online: 03/08/2014

Laboratory automation: how will you select the boarding assays?

Gruson, Damien / Fillée, Catherine

Page e167

Published Online: 02/28/2014

Improvement and evaluation of a 1,2-dioleoylglycerol method for measuring pancreatic lipase catalytic activity in serum

Iizuka, Yoshiaki / Yamashita, Keita / Sakasegawa, Shin-Ichi / Hanada, Toshiro / Tani, Wataru / Adachi, Hiroshi / Haga, Riichi / Yamaguchi, Mari / Kurotani, Wataru / Sekiguchi, Mitsuo / Osawa, Susumu / Hosogaya, Shigemi / Kang, Dongchon / Ueda, Shigeru

Page e171

Published Online: 04/12/2014

The novel variant p.Ser465Leu in the PCSK9 gene does not account for the decreased LDLR activity in members of a FH family

Ruotolo, Anna / Di Taranto, Maria Donata / D’Agostino, Maria Nicoletta / Marotta, Gennaro / Gentile, Marco / Nunziata, Maria / Sodano, Marta / Di Noto, Rosa / Del Vecchio, Luigi / Rubba, Paolo / Fortunato, Giuliana

Page e175

Published Online: 03/06/2014

1,5 Anhydroglucitol serum concentration as a biomarker for screening gestational diabetes in early pregnancy

Boritza, Kátia Cristina / dos Santos-Weiss, Izabella Castilhos Ribeiro / da Silva Couto Alves, Alexessander / Réa, Rosângela Roginski / Pedrosa, Fábio Oliveira / de Souza, Emanuel Maltempi / Picheth, Geraldo / de Moraes Rego, Fabiane Gomes

Page e179

Published Online: 03/18/2014

A rare condition: IgE type monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance

Caldini, Anna / Balboni, Fiamma / Parronchi, Paola / Scoccianti, Silvia / Biagioli, Tiziana / Terreni, Alessandro / Morrocchi, Beatrice / Brogi, Marco / Berardi, Margherita / Graziani, Maristella

Page e183

Published Online: 05/01/2014

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