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Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)

Published in Association with the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM)

Editor-in-Chief: Plebani, Mario

Editorial Board Member: Gillery, Philippe / Kazmierczak, Steven / Lackner, Karl J. / Lippi, Giuseppe / Melichar, Bohuslav / Schlattmann, Peter / Whitfield, John B.

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Volume 52, Issue 9 (Sep 2014)


Page i

Published Online: 08/07/2014


Red blood cell distribution width (RDW) and human pathology. One size fits all

Lippi, Giuseppe / Plebani, Mario

Page 1247

Published Online: 06/19/2014


LC-MS candidate reference methods for the harmonisation of parathyroid hormone (PTH) measurement: a review of recent developments and future considerations

Couchman, Lewis / Taylor, David R. / Krastins, Bryan / Lopez, Mary F. / Moniz, Cajetan F.

Page 1251

Published Online: 04/24/2014

C-reactive protein and migraine. Facts or speculations?

Lippi, Giuseppe / Mattiuzzi, Camilla / Cervellin, Gianfranco

Page 1265

Published Online: 04/09/2014

Mini Review

ABO blood group and von Willebrand factor: biological implications

Franchini, Massimo / Crestani, Silvia / Frattini, Francesco / Sissa, Cinzia / Bonfanti, Carlo

Page 1273

Published Online: 06/19/2014

Genetics and Molecular Diagnostics

Lactase persistence genotyping: rapid detection of seven sequence variants in a single tube with melting curve analyses

Strand, Harald / Sørensen, Liv Karin / Ingebretsen, Ole Christian

Page 1277

Published Online: 04/21/2014

General Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

The 3rd International Standard for serum IgE: international collaborative study to evaluate a candidate preparation

Thorpe, Susan J. / Heath, Alan / Fox, Bernard / Patel, Dina / Egner, William

Page 1283

Published Online: 05/07/2014

Improving CardioCheck PA analytical performance: three-year study

Matteucci, Elena / Bartola, Luca Della / Rossi, Luca / Pellegrini, Giovanni / Giampietro, Ottavio

Page 1291

Published Online: 04/02/2014

Serum copeptin level predicts a rapid decrease of overhydration after kidney transplantation

Kolonko, Aureliusz / Chudek, Jerzy / Kujawa-Szewieczek, Agata / Czerwieńska, Beata / Wiecek, Andrzej

Page 1297

Published Online: 04/03/2014

Thyroid function and thyroid autoimmunity in apparently healthy pregnant and non-pregnant Mexican women

Quinn, Frank A. / Reyes-Mendez, Miguel A. / Nicholson, Lisa / Compean, Lourdes Puerto / Tavera, Miriam Lugo

Page 1305

Published Online: 04/29/2014

Serum and follicular fluid fetuin-A in women undergoing in vitro fertilization

Bódis, József / Peti, Attila Mihály / Sulyok, Endre / Kovács, Gábor L. / Várnagy, Ákos

Page 1313

Published Online: 04/26/2014

Value of reelin for assessing hepatic fibrogenesis in a group of Egyptian HCV infected patients

Mansy, Soheir S. / Nosseir, Mona M. / Zoheiry, Mona A. / Hassanein, Moetaz H. / Guda, Mohammed F. / Othman, May M. / AbuTalab, Hoda

Page 1319

Published Online: 05/06/2014

IgA anticardiolipin and IgA anti-β2 glycoprotein I antibody positivity determined by fluorescence enzyme immunoassay in primary antiphospholipid syndrome

Mattia, Elena / Ruffatti, Amelia / Tonello, Marta / Meneghel, Lauro / Robecchi, Bianca / Pittoni, Marina / Gallo, Nicoletta / Salvan, Elisa / Teghil, Vera / Punzi, Leonardo / Plebani, Mario

Page 1329

Published Online: 03/21/2014

Reference Values and Biological Variations

Age- and gender-specific brain natriuretic peptide (BNP) reference ranges in primary care

Keyzer, Josephine M. / Hoffmann, Johannes J. / Ringoir, Lianne / Nabbe, Karin C. / Widdershoven, Jos W. / Pop, Victor J.

Page 1341

Published Online: 04/29/2014

Cancer Diagnostics

Clinical utility of %p2PSA and prostate health index in the detection of prostate cancer

Filella, Xavier / Foj, Laura / Augé, Josep Maria / Molina, Rafael / Alcover, Joan

Page 1347

Published Online: 04/02/2014

Increased expression of carbonic anhydrase IX in oral submucous fibrosis and oral squamous cell carcinoma

Yang, Jia-Sin / Chen, Mu-Kuan / Yang, Shun-Fa / Chang, Yu-Chao / Su, Shih-Chi / Chiou, Hui-Ling / Chien, Ming-Hsien / Lin, Chiao-Wen

Page 1367

Published Online: 04/02/2014

Cardiovascular Diseases

Ideal cardiovascular health behaviors and factors and high sensitivity C-reactive protein: the Kailuan cross-sectional study in Chinese

Xue, Hao / Wang, Jianli / Hou, Jinhong / Gao, Jingsheng / Chen, Shuohua / Zhu, Hang / Wang, Yutang / Chen, Yundai / Wu, Shouling

Page 1379

Published Online: 05/01/2014

Letters to the Editor

Red blood cell distribution width is significantly associated with aging and gender

Lippi, Giuseppe / Salvagno, Gian Luca / Guidi, Gian Cesare

Page e197

Published Online: 05/15/2014

Red blood cell distribution width: a potential prognostic index for liver disease?

Karagöz, Ergenekon / Tanoglu, Alpaslan

Page e201

Published Online: 06/19/2014

Serum folate and vitamin B12: does light really matter?

Huguenin, Antoine / Oudart, Jean-Baptiste / Hubert, Julie / Maquart, François-Xavier / Ramont, Laurent

Page e203

Published Online: 05/01/2014

Thalassemia diagnosis in a blood donor from a unique trimorphic red blood cell population observed in the recipient

Vagace, José Manuel / de la Maya, María Dolores / Gervasini, Guillermo

Page e205

Published Online: 04/29/2014

A preliminary study on serum proteomics in fibromyalgia syndrome

Ruggiero, Valeria / Era, Benedetta / Cacace, Enrico / Molin, Laura / Corda, Marcella / Fais, Antonella / Utzeri, Stefania

Page e207

Published Online: 04/03/2014

First study of angiotensin converting enzyme in cystic fibrosis Tunisian patients

Sahli, Chaîma / Fredj, Sondess Hadj / Siala, Hajer / Bibi, Amina / Messaoud, Taieb

Page e211

Published Online: 04/02/2014

FlashFISH™: a novel technique for rapid diagnosis of aneuploidies in dysmorphic neonates

Ho, Sherry Sze Yee / Chandrasekaran, Preethi / Koay, Evelyn Siew-Chuan / Lee, Jiun / Choolani, Mahesh

Page e217

Published Online: 04/11/2014

Determination of the amniotic fluid lecithin/sphingomyelin ratio using a pipette tip column with a cation-exchange resin and mass spectrometry

Kwak, Ho-Seok / Chung, Hee-Jung / Min, Won-Ki / Chun, Sail / Lee, Woo Chang / Choi, Young Sik / Han, Jung-Yeol / Cho, Dong-Hee / Jung, So Young

Page e221

Published Online: 04/29/2014

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