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Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)

Published in Association with the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM)

Editor-in-Chief: Plebani, Mario

Editorial Board Member: Gillery, Philippe / Kazmierczak, Steven / Lackner, Karl J. / Lippi, Giuseppe / Melichar, Bohuslav / Schlattmann, Peter / Whitfield, John B.

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Volume 53, Issue 2 (Feb 2015)


Page i

Published Online: 01/07/2015


The new and the old of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia

Pasalic, Leonardo / Favaloro, Emmanuel J.

Page 149

Published Online: 11/07/2014

Biological variation – reliable data is essential

Aarsand, Aasne K. / Røraas, Thomas / Sandberg, Sverre

Page 153

Published Online: 01/07/2015

Biological variation: back to basics

Plebani, Mario / Padoan, Andrea / Lippi, Giuseppe

Page 155

Published Online: 01/07/2015


Influence of educational, audit and feedback, system based, and incentive and penalty interventions to reduce laboratory test utilization: a systematic review

Kobewka, Daniel M. / Ronksley, Paul E. / McKay, Jennifer A. / Forster, Alan J. / van Walraven, Carl

Page 157

Published Online: 09/27/2014

Opinion Papers

Genetics and Molecular Diagnostics

Non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of monogenic disorders: an optimized protocol using MEMO qPCR with miniSTR as internal control

Guissart, Claire / Debant, Vanessa / Desgeorges, Marie / Bareil, Corinne / Raynal, Caroline / Toga, Caroline / Pritchard, Victoria / Koenig, Michel / Claustres, Mireille / Vincent, Marie-Claire

Page 205

Published Online: 10/02/2014

A novel biosensor-based microarray assay for the visualized detection of CYP2C19 ∗2, ∗3, ∗4 and ∗5 polymorphisms

Xiao, Jian-Min / Xiong, Jie / Kang, Guan-Yang / Li, Qiang / Jiang, Zhong-Yong / Chen, Jiu-Hao / Wang, Li-Ling / Yao, Fu-De / Song, Jia-Wu

Page 217

Published Online: 10/02/2014

General Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Preanalytical errors: a preliminary approach to the point of view of primary health care givers

Gómez-Salgado, Juan / Romero, Adolfo / Caparrós, Isabel S. / Barba, M. Carmen / Reina, Margarita / Ruiz-Frutos, Carlos

Page 225

Published Online: 10/02/2014

Use of quality indicators to compare point-of-care testing errors in a neonatal unit and errors in a STAT central laboratory

Cantero, Miguel / Redondo, Maximino / Martín, Eva / Callejón, Gonzalo / Hortas, María Luisa

Page 239

Published Online: 08/12/2014

Serological features of antibodies to protamine inducing thrombocytopenia and thrombosis

Panzer, Simon / Schiferer, Arno / Steinlechner, Barbara / Drouet, Ludovic / Amiral, Jean

Page 249

Published Online: 08/07/2014

Comparison of three different immunoassays in the diagnosis of heparin-induced thrombocytopenia

Vianello, Fabrizio / Sambado, Luisa / Scarparo, Pamela / Lombardi, Annamaria / Bernardi, Daniela / Plebani, Mario / Fabris, Fabrizio

Page 257

Published Online: 10/17/2014

How the direct oral anticoagulant apixaban affects hemostatic parameters. Results of a multicenter multiplatform study

Tripodi, Armando / Padovan, Lidia / Testa, Sophie / Legnani, Cristina / Chantarangkul, Veena / Scalambrino, Erica / Ludovici, Silvia / Bassi, Laura / Peyvandi, Flora

Page 265

Published Online: 08/07/2014

Performance evaluation of the digital cell imaging analyzer DI-60 integrated into the fully automated Sysmex XN hematology analyzer system

Tabe, Yoko / Yamamoto, Takemasa / Maenou, Imiko / Nakai, Rie / Idei, Mayumi / Horii, Takashi / Miida, Takashi / Ohsaka, Akimichi

Page 281

Published Online: 08/07/2014

Circulating keratan sulfate as a marker of metabolic changes of cartilage proteoglycan in juvenile idiopathic arthritis; influence of growth factors as well as proteolytic and prooxidative agents on aggrecan alterations

Winsz-Szczotka, Katarzyna / Komosińska-Vassev, Katarzyna / Kuźnik-Trocha, Kornelia / Siwiec, Andrzej / Żegleń, Bogusław / Olczyk, Krystyna

Page 291

Published Online: 08/07/2014

Reference Values and Biological Variations

Biological variation database: structure and criteria used for generation and update

Perich, Carmen / Minchinela, Joana / Ricós, Carmen / Fernández-Calle, Pilar / Alvarez, Virtudes / Doménech, María Vicenta / Simón, Margarita / Biosca, Carmen / Boned, Beatriz / García-Lario, José Vicente / Cava, Fernando / Fernández-Fernández, Pilar / Fraser, Callum G.

Page 299

Published Online: 11/21/2014

Cardiovascular Diseases


Multicentre evaluation of the Premier Hb9210 HbA1c analyser

John, W. Garry / Little, Randie / Sacks, David B. / Weykamp, Cas / Lenters-Westra, Erna / Hornsby, Theresa / Zhao, Zhen / Siebelder, Carla / Tennill, Alethea / English, Emma

Page 319

Published Online: 10/02/2014

Infectious Diseases

Determination of quality control limits for serological infectious disease testing using historical data

Dimech, Wayne / Vincini, Giuseppe / Karakaltsas, Marina

Page 329

Published Online: 08/12/2014


Enrichment and enumeration of circulating tumor cells by efficient depletion of leukocyte fractions

Wu, Shiyang / Liu, Zhiming / Liu, Suyan / Lin, Li / Yang, Weiwei / Xu, Jiasen

Page 337

Published Online: 01/07/2015

Letters to the Editors

Influence of age and gender on red blood cell distribution width

Alis, Rafael / Fuster, Oscar / Rivera, Leonor / Romagnoli, Marco / Vaya, Amparo

Page e25

Published Online: 08/25/2014

Effect of exhaustive running exercise on red blood cell distribution width

Alis, Rafael / Romagnoli, Marco / Primo-Carrau, Cristina / Pareja-Galeano, Helios / Blesa, José R. / Sanchis-Gomar, Fabián

Page e29

Published Online: 08/07/2014

Clinically useful samples and reference change value

Kutasz, Ezequiel / Lazzati, Juan Manuel / Maceiras, Mercedes / Zaidman, Veronica / Rubinstein, Marta / Chaler, Eduardo A.

Page e33

Published Online: 08/15/2014

Loss of retinol stability in patient samples

Cano-Corres, Ruth / Berlanga-Escalera, Eugenio

Page e37

Published Online: 08/07/2014

Evaluation of a new thyroglobulin sensitive assay in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer

Schlageter, Marie-Hélène / Toubert, Marie-Elisabeth / Meas, Taly / Bouhassira, Esther / Faugeron, Isabelle / Vimont, Virginie / Thomas, Eddy / Theimer, Christian / Chomienne, Christine

Page e41

Published Online: 08/21/2014

Influence of vitamin K antagonist treatment on activated partial thromboplastin time

Mulliez, Sylvie M.N. / Van den Bogaert, Julie / Devreese, Katrien M.J.

Page e47

Published Online: 08/19/2014

Evaluation of the diagnostic characteristics of urinary kidney injury molecule 1 (uKIM-1) and uKIM-1/creatinine ratio in the assessment of incipient diabetic kidney disease

De Carvalho, José Antonio M. / Tatsch, Etiane / Hausen, Bruna S. / Bollick, Yãnaí S. / Torbitz, Vanessa D. / Guarda, Naiara S. / De Campos, Luízi P. / Duarte, Thiago / Duarte, Marta M.M.F. / Londero, Sílvia W.K. / Comim, Fabio V. / Moresco, Rafael N.

Page e51

Published Online: 08/18/2014

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