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Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)

Published in Association with the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM)

Editor-in-Chief: Plebani, Mario

Ed. by Gillery, Philippe / Lackner, Karl J. / Lippi, Giuseppe / Melichar, Bohuslav / Schlattmann, Peter / Tate, Jillian R. / Tsongalis, Gregory J.

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Volume 53, Issue 5 (Apr 2015)

Highlight: High-Sensitivity Assays for Cardiac Troponins


Page i

Published Online: 04/10/2015


High-sensitivity assays for cardiac troponins

Lackner, Karl J.

Page 631

Published Online: 03/12/2015


Cardiovascular Diseases

Evaluation of standardization capability of current cardiac troponin I assays by a correlation study: results of an IFCC pilot project

Tate, Jillian R. / Bunk, David M. / Christenson, Robert H. / Barth, Julian H. / Katrukha, Alexey / Noble, James E. / Schimmel, Heinz / Wang, Lili / Panteghini, Mauro / for the IFCC Working Group on Standardization of Cardiac Troponin I

Page 677

Published Online: 02/19/2015

Estimation of age- and comorbidities-adjusted percentiles of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T levels in the elderly

Kuster, Nils / Monnier, Karine / Baptista, Gregory / Dupuy, Anne-Marie / Badiou, Stéphanie / Bargnoux, Anne-Sophie / Jeandel, Claude / Cristol, Jean-Paul

Page 691

Published Online: 08/07/2014

High-sensitivity cardiac troponin I in the general population – defining reference populations for the determination of the 99th percentile in the Gutenberg Health Study

Zeller, Tanja / Ojeda, Francisco / Brunner, Fabian J. / Peitsmeyer, Philipp / Münzel, Thomas / Binder, Harald / Pfeiffer, Norbert / Michal, Matthias / Wild, Philipp S. / Blankenberg, Stefan / Lackner, Karl J.

Page 699

Published Online: 10/06/2014

Kinetics of high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T or troponin I compared to creatine kinase in patients with revascularized acute myocardial infarction

Solecki, Kamila / Dupuy, Anne Marie / Kuster, Nils / Leclercq, Florence / Gervasoni, Richard / Macia, Jean-Christophe / Cung, Thien-Tri / Lattuca, Benoit / Cransac, Frédéric / Cade, Stéphane / Pasquié, Jean-Luc / Cristol, Jean-Paul / Roubille, François

Page 707

Published Online: 11/06/2014

Biological variation of high sensitivity cardiac troponin-T in stable dialysis patients: implications for clinical practice

Fahim, Magid A. / Hayen, Andrew D. / Horvath, Andrea R. / Dimeski, Goce / Coburn, Amanda / Tan, Ken-Soon / Johnson, David W. / Craig, Jonathan C. / Campbell, Scott B. / Hawley, Carmel M.

Page 715

Published Online: 12/20/2014

Diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction in patients with renal insufficiency using high-sensitivity troponin T

Huang, Hualan / Zhu, Shuai / Wang, Weiqing / Yi, Hong / Du, Xiangyang / Nie, Xin / He, Yong / Song, Haolan / Miao, Qiang / Wang, Lanlan / Li, Guixing

Page 723

Published Online: 01/13/2015

General Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Active intervention in hospital test request panels pays

Janssens, Pim M.W. / Staring, Wilma / Winkelman, Kirsten / Krist, Gert

Page 731

Published Online: 10/10/2014

Uric acid: a potential biomarker of multiple sclerosis and of its disability

Moccia, Marcello / Lanzillo, Roberta / Palladino, Raffaele / Russo, Cinzia / Carotenuto, Antonio / Massarelli, Marco / Vacca, Giovanni / Vacchiano, Veria / Nardone, Antonio / Triassi, Maria / Morra, Vincenzo Brescia

Page 753

Published Online: 09/20/2014

I-FABP and L-FABP are early markers for abdominal injury with limited prognostic value for secondary organ failures in the post-traumatic course

Voth, Maika / Holzberger, Sebastian / Auner, Birgit / Henrich, Dirk / Marzi, Ingo / Relja, Borna

Page 771

Published Online: 10/14/2014

Quantification of piperacillin, tazobactam, cefepime, meropenem, ciprofloxacin and linezolid in serum using an isotope dilution UHPLC-MS/MS method with semi-automated sample preparation

Zander, Johannes / Maier, Barbara / Suhr, Anna / Zoller, Michael / Frey, Lorenz / Teupser, Daniel / Vogeser, Michael

Page 781

Published Online: 10/10/2014

Plasma visfatin/nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (visfatin/NAMPT) concentration is not related to kidney function in elderly subjects

Kocelak, Piotr / Olszanecka-Glinianowicz, Magdalena / Owczarek, Aleksander / Bozentowicz-Wikarek, Maria / Brzozowska, Aniceta / Mossakowska, Malgorzata / Skalska, Anna / Wiecek, Andrzej / Chudek, Jerzy

Page 793

Published Online: 10/02/2014

Diagnostic performance study of an antigen microarray for the detection of antiphospholipid antibodies in human serum

Schindler, Aline R. / Bleher, Oliver / Thaler, Markus A. / Kocot, Carmen J. / Steigerwald, Udo / Proll, Günther / Gauglitz, Günter / Luppa, Peter B.

Page 801

Published Online: 10/02/2014

Dry ice exposure of plasma samples influences pH and lupus anticoagulant analysis

Odsæter, Ingrid Hov / Lian, Ingrid Alsos / Bratberg, Kari / Mikkelsen, Gustav

Page 809

Published Online: 09/26/2014

Reference Values and Biological Variations

A new robust statistical model for interpretation of differences in serial test results from an individual

Braga, Federica / Ferraro, Simona / Ieva, Francesca / Paganoni, Anna / Panteghini, Mauro

Page 815

Published Online: 01/24/2015

Cancer Diagnostics

The value of red blood cell distribution width in endometrial cancer

Kemal, Yasemin / Demirag, Guzin / Baş, Berk / Önem, Soner / Teker, Fatih / Yücel, İdris

Page 823

Published Online: 10/28/2014

Letters to the Editors

Serum high-sensitivity troponin concentrations in a multi-ethnic Asian population of stable chronic kidney disease patients

Teo, Boon Wee / Lau, Titus / Toh, Qi Chun / Chua, Horng Ruey / Wong, Weng Kin / Haroon, Sabrina / Subramanian, Srinivas / Saw, Sharon / Sethi, Sunil / on behalf of the NUHS Nephrology Clinical Research Group

Page e121

Published Online: 12/09/2014

Comparison between BNP values measured in capillary blood samples with a POCT method and those measured in plasma venous samples with an automated platform

Prontera, Concetta / Masotti, Silvia / Franzini, Maria / Emdin, Michele / Passino, Claudio / Zucchelli, Gian Carlo / Clerico, Aldo

Page e125

Published Online: 11/05/2014

Reply. Impact of assay design on test performance: lessons learned from 25-hydroxyvitamin D. Authors’ response to the Letter to the Editor by Donnelly et al.

Farrell, Christopher-John L. / Soldo, Joshua / McWhinney, Brett / Bandodkar, Sushil / Herrmann, Markus

Page e131

Published Online: 03/14/2015

Therapeutic drug monitoring of voriconazole: validation of a novel ARK™ immunoassay and comparison with ultra-high performance liquid chromatography

Cattoir, Lien / Fauvarque, Grégoire / Degandt, Simon / Ghys, Timothy / Verstraete, Alain G. / Stove, Veronique

Page e135

Published Online: 10/21/2014

Interference of C-reactive protein with clotting times

Devreese, Katrien M.J. / Verfaillie, Charlotte J. / De Bisschop, Frank / Delanghe, Joris R.

Page e141

Published Online: 10/15/2014

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