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Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)

Published in Association with the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM)

Editor-in-Chief: Plebani, Mario

Ed. by Gillery, Philippe / Lackner, Karl J. / Lippi, Giuseppe / Melichar, Bohuslav / Schlattmann, Peter / Tate, Jillian R. / Tsongalis, Gregory J.

12 Issues per year

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Volume 53, Issue 9 (Aug 2015)

Highlight: New Trends in HbA1c


Page i

Published Online: 07/28/2015


New trends in the long and puzzling history of HbA1c

Gillery, Philippe

Page 1297

Published Online: 06/02/2015


Thyroglobulin measurement by highly sensitive assays: focus on laboratory challenges

Giovanella, Luca / Feldt-Rasmussen, Ulla / Verburg, Frederik A. / Grebe, Stephan K. / Plebani, Mario / Clark, Penelope M.

Page 1301

Published Online: 10/30/2014

Opinion Paper

Possible role of fructosamine 3-kinase genotyping for the management of diabetic patients

Avemaria, Francesca / Carrera, Paola / Lapolla, Annunziata / Sartore, Giovanni / Chilelli, Nino Cristiano / Paleari, Renata / Ambrosi, Alessandro / Ferrari, Maurizio / Mosca, Andrea

Page 1315

Published Online: 05/12/2015

EFLM Original Article

Compliance of blood sampling procedures with the CLSI H3-A6 guidelines: An observational study by the European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (EFLM) working group for the preanalytical phase (WG-PRE)

Simundic, Ana-Maria / Church, Stephen / Cornes, Michael P. / Grankvist, Kjell / Lippi, Giuseppe / Nybo, Mads / Nikolac, Nora / van Dongen-Lases, Edmee / Eker, Pinar / Kovalevskaya, Svjetlana / Kristensen, Gunn B.B. / Sprongl, Ludek / Sumarac, Zorica

Page 1321

Published Online: 12/23/2014

Genetics and Molecular Diagnostics

Quantitative-fluorescent-PCR versus full karyotyping in prenatal diagnosis of common chromosome aneuploidies in southern Spain

de la Paz-Gallardo, Mᵃ José / García, Francisca S. Molina / de Haro-Muñoz, Tomas / Padilla-Vinuesa, Mᵃ Carmen / Zafra-Ceres, Mercedes / Gomez-Capilla, José A. / Gomez-Llorente, Carolina

Page 1333

Published Online: 12/02/2014

HIF1A and MIF as potential predictive mRNA biomarkers of pre-eclampsia: a longitudinal prospective study in high risk population

Galbiati, Silvia / Inversetti, Annalisa / Causarano, Vincenza / Stenirri, Stefania / Soriani, Nadia / Ambrosi, Alessandro / Valsecchi, Luca / Candiani, Massimo / Cremonesi, Laura / Ferrari, Maurizio / Smid, Maddalena

Page 1339

Published Online: 12/02/2014

General Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

Evidence of Crohn’s disease-related anti-glycoprotein 2 antibodies in patients with celiac disease

Roggenbuck, Dirk / Vermeire, Severine / Hoffman, Ilse / Reinhold, Dirk / Schierack, Peter / Goihl, Alexander / von Arnim, Ulrike / De Hertogh, Gert / Polymeros, Dimitrios / Bogdanos, Dimitrios P. / Bossuyt, Xavier

Page 1349

Published Online: 11/20/2014

Myocardial interleukin-6 in the setting of left ventricular mechanical assistance: relation with outcome and C-reactive protein

Caruso, Raffaele / Caselli, Chiara / Cozzi, Lorena / Campolo, Jonica / Viglione, Federica / Parolini, Marina / Nonini, Sandra / Trunfio, Salvatore / D’Amico, Andrea / Pelosi, Gualtiero / Giannessi, Daniela / Marraccini, Paolo / Frigerio, Maria / Parodi, Oberdan

Page 1359

Published Online: 11/20/2014

Different methods to estimate serum free cortisol: a comparison during cortisol tetracosactide testing

Brossaud, Julie / Gatta, Blandine / Tabarin, Antoine / Corcuff, Jean-Benoît

Page 1367

Published Online: 11/07/2014

Automated immunoassays for the autoantibodies to carbamylated or citrullinated telopeptides of type I and II collagens

Häyrynen, Jere / Kärkkäinen, Maija / Kononoff, Aulikki / Arstila, Leena / Elfving, Pia / Niinisalo, Helena / Savolainen, Elina / Kautiainen, Hannu / Risteli, Juha / Kaipiainen-Seppänen, Oili / Koivula, Marja-Kaisa

Page 1375

Published Online: 11/11/2014

Relevance of correction for drift and day-to-day variation in cystatin C measurement: a post-hoc analysis of the PREVEND cohort, with independent replication in the ESTHER cohort

Vart, Priya / Bakker, Stephan J. L. / Schöttker, Ben / de Zeeuw, Dick / Rothenbacher, Dietrich / Brenner, Hermann / Heerspink, Hiddo J. Lambers / Saum, Kai-Uwe / Reijneveld, Sijmen A. / Bültmann, Ute / Koenig, Wolfgang / Gansevoort, Ron T.

Page 1381

Published Online: 11/21/2014

Laboratory utilization improvement through a computer-aided algorithm developed with general practitioners

Salinas, Maria / López-Garrigós, Maite / Asencio, Alberto / Leiva-Salinas, Maria / Lugo, Javier / Leiva-Salinas, Carlos

Page 1391

Published Online: 12/02/2014

Reference Values and Biological Variations

Establishment of trimester-specific thyroid stimulating hormone and free thyroxine reference interval in pregnant Chinese women using the Beckman Coulter UniCel™ DxI 600

Zhang, Jing / Li, Wei / Chen, Qiao-Bin / Liu, Li-Yi / Zhang, Wei / Liu, Meng-Ying / Wang, Yi-Ting / Li, Wen-Ya / Zeng, Li-Zhen

Page 1409

Published Online: 12/02/2014

Cancer Diagnostics

Expression of vascular endothelial factor-A, gelatinases (MMP-2, MMP-9) and TIMP-1 in uterine leiomyomas

Korompelis, Porfyrios / Piperi, Christina / Adamopoulos, Christos / Dalagiorgou, Georgia / Korkolopoulou, Penelope / Sepsa, Athanasia / Antsaklis, Aris / Papavassiliou, Athanasios G.

Page 1415

Published Online: 12/03/2014

Influence of ABO type on global coagulation assay results: effect of coagulation factor VIII

Choi, Qute / Kim, Ji-Eun / Kim, Seon Young / Han, Kyou Sup / Kim, Hyun Kyung

Page 1425

Published Online: 12/10/2014


Benchmarking by HbA1c in a national diabetes quality register – does measurement bias matter?

Carlsen, Siri / Thue, Geir / Cooper, John Graham / Røraas, Thomas / Gøransson, Lasse Gunnar / Løvaas, Karianne / Sandberg, Sverre

Page 1433

Published Online: 12/12/2014

Comparing HbA1c, fasting and 2-h plasma glucose for screening for abnormal glucose regulation in patients undergoing coronary angiography

Wang, Jun-Sing / Lee, I-Te / Lee, Wen-Jane / Lin, Shih-Yi / Fu, Chia-Po / Lee, Wen-Lieng / Liang, Kae-Woei / Sheu, Wayne Huey-Herng

Page 1441

Published Online: 11/18/2014

Erroneous HbA1c measurements in the presence of β-thalassemia and common Chinese hemoglobin variants

Ji, Ling / Yu, Jing / Zhou, Yu / Xia, Yong / Xu, Anping / Li, Weining / Li, Lu

Page 1451

Published Online: 01/13/2015

Using the likelihood ratio to evaluate allowable total error – an example with glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c)

Åsberg, Arne / Odsæter, Ingrid Hov / Carlsen, Sven Magnus / Mikkelsen, Gustav

Page 1459

Published Online: 04/18/2015

Two novel haemoglobin variants that affect haemoglobin A1c measurement by ion-exchange chromatography

Bots, Michael / Stroobants, An K. / Delzenne, Barend / Soeters, Maarten R. / de Vries, Johan E. / Weykamp, Cas W. / Norg, Roelf J.C. / Veldthuis, Martijn / Zwieten, Rob van

Page 1465

Published Online: 06/02/2015

Analytical performances of the D-100TM hemoglobin testing system (Bio-Rad) for HbA1c assay

Jaisson, Stéphane / Leroy, Nathalie / Guillard, Emmanuelle / Desmons, Aurore / Gillery, Philippe

Page 1473

Published Online: 05/23/2015

Letters to the Editors

Hemoglobin Valme HBB:c.124T>G: a new hemoglobin variant with diminished oxygen affinity causes interference in hemoglobin A1c measurement in an automated ion-exchange HPLC method

Benítez, Inés Camacho / Lameiro, Paula Chaves / Ropero, Paloma / De la Osa, Juan José Lázaro / Fernández, Fernando González / Ortiz, Antonio Moro

Page e211

Published Online: 03/14/2015

Hemoglobin A1c reported in units and diagnostic cut-offs in relation to the international recommendations

Penttilä, Ilkka / Penttilä, Karri / Holm, Päivi / Laitinen, Harri / Rauramaa, Rainer

Page e215

Published Online: 07/02/2015

Hemoglobin measurements in samples containing hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers

Arnaud, Françoise / Sieckmann, Donna G. / McCarron, Richard M. / Moon-Massat, Paula F.

Page e219

Published Online: 04/16/2015

Serologic false-positive reactions for syphilis in children of allergic purpura

Shi, Hua / Luo, Wei / Li, Wensheng / Shen, Chuan / Liu, Xiaoqin / Liu, Fang / Jiang, Yongmei

Page e223

Published Online: 11/18/2014

Stroke and inherited thrombophilia in a Tunisian girl with sickle cell anemia

Nefissi, Rim Belhaj / Ouali, Faida / Massaoud, Taieb / Gritli, Nasreddine

Page e233

Published Online: 12/20/2014

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