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Open Engineering

formerly Central European Journal of Engineering

Open Access

Volume 6, Issue 1 (Jan 2016)

Cost Estimation in Engineer-to-Order Manufacturing

Hooshmand, Yousef / Köhler, Peter / Korff-Krumm, Andrea

Page 22

Published Online: 02/29/2016

Investigation of combined heat and mass transfer between vertical parallel plates in a two-layer flow of couple stress nanofluid

Khan, Najeeb Alam / Sultan, Faqiha / Riaz, Fatima / Jamil, Muhammad

Page 35

Published Online: 02/29/2016

Modelling Framework and Assistive Device for Peripheral Intravenous Injections

Kam, Kin F. / Robinson, Martin P. / Gilbert, Mathew A. / Pelah, Adar

Page 44

Published Online: 02/29/2016

Special Issue on Methods and Applications in Mechanical Engineering

The application of virtual prototyping methods to determine the dynamic parameters of mobile robot

Kurc, Krzysztof / Szybicki, Dariusz / Burghardt, Andrzej / Muszyńska, Magdalena

Page 55

Published Online: 04/05/2016

Verification hybrid control of a wheeled mobile robot and manipulator

Muszynska, Magdalena / Burghardt, Andrzej / Kurc, Krzysztof / Szybicki, Dariusz

Page 64

Published Online: 04/06/2016

Design of on-line system for measuring and tracking time of assembly

Senderská, Katarína / Mareš, Albert / Evin, Emil

Page 73

Published Online: 04/07/2016

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