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Forum for Health Economics & Policy

Editor-in-Chief: Goldman, Dana

2 Issues per year


Volume 16, Issue 2 (Sep 2013)



Page i

Published Online: 02/05/2014

Economics of Personalized Health Care and Prevention: Introduction

Bloss, Gregory / Haaga, John G.

Page S1

Published Online: 07/05/2013

Economic Perspectives on Personalized Health Care and Prevention

Phillips, Kathryn A. / Sakowski, Julie Ann / Liang, Su-Ying / Ponce, Ninez A.

Page S23

Published Online: 07/05/2013

The Economics of Personalization in Prevention and Public Health

Kenkel, Don S. / Wang, Hua

Page S53

Published Online: 07/05/2013

The Value of Diagnostic Testing in Personalized Medicine

Goldman, Dana P. / Gupta, Charu / Vasudeva, Eshan / Trakas, Kostas / Riley, Ralph / Lakdawalla, Darius / Agus, David / Sood, Neeraj / Jena, Anupam B. / Philipson, Tomas J.

Page S87

Published Online: 09/14/2013

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