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Green Sciences

Green Processing and Synthesis

Editor-in-Chief: Hessel, Volker

Editorial Board Member: Akay, Galip / Arends, Isabel / Cann, Michael C. / Cheng, Yi / Cravotto, Giancarlo / Gruber-Wölfler, Heidrun / Kralisch, Dana / D. P. Nigam, Krishna / Saha, Basudeb / Serra, Christophe A. / Zhang, Wei

IMPACT FACTOR 2014: 1.125


Volume 1, Issue 3 (Jun 2012)


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Original Articles

A green approach to heterogeneous catalysis using ligand-free, metal-loaded cross-linked cyclodextrins

Cravotto, Giancarlo / Gaudino, Emanuela Calcio / Tagliapietra, Silvia / Carnaroglio, Diego / Procopio, Antonio

Page 269

Carbon coated magnetic nanoparticles as supports in microwave-assisted palladium catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura couplings

Wittmann, Sebastian / Majoral, Jean-Pierre / Grass, Robert N. / Stark, Wendelin J. / Reiser, Oliver

Page 275

Microwave-assisted continuous flow synthesis on industrial scale

Morschhäuser, Roman / Krull, Matthias / Kayser, Christoph / Boberski, Cornelia / Bierbaum, Ralf / Püschner, Peter A. / Glasnov, Toma N. / Kappe, C. Oliver

Page 281

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Lecouturier, Yann

Page 295

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