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Green Sciences

Green Processing and Synthesis

Editor-in-Chief: Hessel, Volker

Editorial Board Member: Akay, Galip / Arends, Isabel / Cann, Michael C. / Cheng, Yi / Cravotto, Giancarlo / Gruber-Wölfler, Heidrun / Kralisch, Dana / D. P. Nigam, Krishna / Saha, Basudeb / Serra, Christophe A. / Zhang, Wei

IMPACT FACTOR 2014: 1.125


Volume 1, Issue 1 (Jan 2012)

Publisher’s Note



China goes green: cleaner production of chemicals

Yan, Binhang / Lu, Wei / Cheng, Yi

Page 33

Opportunities for improvement of process technology for biomethanation processes

Krishania, Meena / Kumar, Virendra / Vijay, Virendra Kumar / Malik, Anushree

Page 49

Biodiesel synthesis in microreactors

Xie, Tianming / Zhang, Lixiong / Xu, Nanping

Page 61

Process intensification in green synthesis

Kumar, Vimal / Nigam, Krishna Deo Prasad

Page 79

Original Article

Intensified demulsification and separation of thermal oxide reprocessing interfacial crud (THORP-IFC) simulants

Akay, Galip / Pekdemir, Turgay / Shakorfow, Abdelmalik M. / Vickers, John

Page 109

Company Profiles


Wiles, Charlotte

Page 131


van den Berg, Jeoffrey F.D.

Page 133

Laboratory Profile

Conference Announcements

Kekulé Cycle 2011–2012

Vanheertum, Rudolf

Page 137


de Bellefon, Claude / Falk, Laurent

Page 139

Book Review



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