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Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation

Editor-in-Chief: Pasqualini, Jorge R.

Editorial Board Member: Fujimoto, Jiro / Groner, Bernd / Hubalek, Michael / Morfin, Robert / Saad, Farid / Schally, Andrew V. / Alexis, Michael N. / Baniahmad, Aria / Beato, Miguel / Bouillon, Roger / Brodie, Angela / Campagnoli, Carlo / Carruba, Giuseppe / Chen, Shiuan / Chetrite, Gerard / Cidlowski, John A. / Clarke, Robert / Coelingh Bennink, Herjan J.T. / Danza, Giovanna / Darbre, Philippa D. / Daxenbichler, Günter / Kloet, Ronald / Nicola, Alejandro F. / Drouin, Jacques / Dufau, Maria L. / Edwards, Dean P. / Falany, Charles N. / Fernandez-Perez, Leandro / Ferroud, Clotilde / Flores-Morales, Amilcar / Garcia-Segura, Luis M. / Gee, J.M.W. / Genazzani, Andrea R. / Greene, Geoffrey L. / Hilakivi-Clarke, Leena / Hampl, Richard / Iwase, Hirotaka / Jordan, V.Craig / Klocker, Helmut / Kurebayashi, Jyunichi / Labrie, Fernand / Luu-The, Van / Mendelson, Carole R. / Mück, Alfred O. / Nicholson, Robert / Norman, Anthony W. / O'Malley, Bert W. / Rafestin-Oblin, Marie-Edith / Raynaud, Jean-Pierre / Ruan, Xiangyan / Russo, Jose / Sanchez, Edwin R. / Schillaci, Roxana / Schindler, Adolf E. / Söderqvist, Gunnar / Speirs, Valerie / Stanczyk, Frank Z. / Starka, Luboslav / Sutter, Thomas R. / Tresguerres, Jesús A. / Verhoeven, Guido / Wahli, Walter / Wildt, Ludwig / Yang, Kaiping / Ylikomi, Timo / Yu, Qi

12 Issues per year

Aims and Scope

Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation (HMBCI) is dedicated to the provision of basic data on molecular aspects of hormones in physiology and in pathophysiology. The journal will cover the treatment of major diseases, such as endocrine cancers (breast, prostate, endometrium, ovary), renal and lymphoid carcinoma, hypertension, cardiovascular systems, osteoporosis, hormone deficiency in menopause and andropause, obesity, diabetes, brain and related diseases, metabolic syndrome, sexual dysfunction, fetal and pregnancy diseases, as well as the treatment of dysfunctions and deficiencies. The journal will cover new data on the different steps and factors involved in the mechanism of hormone action. It will equally examine the relation of hormones with the immune system and its environment, as well as new developments in hormone measurements.

Editorial Policy
HMBCI is a blind peer reviewed journal and publishes Original articles, Reviews, Mini reviews, Short communications, Letters to the editor and Opinion papers in English. Ahead-of-print publishing ensures faster processing of fully proof-read, DOI-citable articles.

Call for papers: Please submit your papers directly to our online submission system at: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/hmbci.


Type of Publication:

Submission of Manuscripts

The editors of HMBCI would like to encourage researchers to submit their research related to the following topics:

The superfamily of receptors of the different hormones (steroids, polypeptides and related hormones), and co-regulators (activators and repressors);
Hormones related to the function of growth factors, oncogenes, and cytokines, in normal and neoplastic tissues;
Enzymes and anti-enzymes involved in the formation and disposition of various hormones in connection with the diseases stated above;
Hormone signaling and response to hormone therapy;
Mechanism of cancer cell proliferation under endocrine therapy;
Resistance to hormone therapy and its mechanism;
Hormones and the brain and other neuroendocrine organs;
Hormone replacement therapy;
Pre-clinical studies to test new molecules in isolated models and in human trials;
Hormones and the immune system;
Hormones and the environment;
Initiation and evolution of diseases related to the mechanism of action of the hormone;
Therapeutic effect of the hormone with regard to the method of administration.

Editor-in-Chief: Pasqualini, Jorge R., Paris

Public Repositories

Author wishes to include own article in an institutional repository or place own article on a departmental/personal website

The author's institute can offer access to the authors’ final, accepted manuscript version of an article from its repository website. Likewise, authors are allowed to post their final, accepted manuscript version on their own personal or laboratory website. In both cases an embargo period of 12 months after online publication in the journal applies. Unless expressly permitted, authors may not post the publisher's version on their own website. However, it is possible to place a link to the published article PDF for purchase.

This permission is restricted to non-commercial institutions only; for the conditions regarding article placement on corporate websites, please contact HMBCI.editorial@degruyter.com.

Inclusion of articles in a general repository

General repositories may include the abstract of the article in the repository and place a link to the publisher's version of the article for purchase.

NIH-funded authors: WdG acknowledges that the author of an NIH-funded article retains the right to provide a copy of the final, accepted manuscript document to NIH for archiving in PubMed Central 12 months after online publication in the journal. Note that only the accepted author’s version of the manuscript, not the PDF file of the published article, may be used for NIH archiving.

Institutional repository wishes to include articles which do not exist in electronic format

WdG allows institutional repositories to include a scanned version of their authors' journal articles as published in printed form. We request a link be placed to the journal’s homepage (http://www.degruyter.com/view/j/hmbci).

Author wishes to place a link to the abstract of an article

Authors may place as many links to the abstract as desired.

Author wishes to send electronic offprints (PDFs) to colleagues

Authors will receive an offprint of the publisher’s article version as PDF-document. Authors may send up to 30 copies of the PDF document as electronic offprint to colleagues. Any other form of distribution of the electronic offprint file requires written permission from the publisher.

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Jorge R. Pasqualini, France

Associate Editors
Jiro Fujimoto, Japan
Michael Hubalek, Austria
Robert Morfin, France
Farid Saad, Germany
Andrew V. Schally, USA

Corresponding Editors
Michael N. Alexis, Greece
Aria Baniahmad, Germany
Miguel Beato, Spain
Roger Bouillon, Belgium
Michel Bouvier, Canada
Angela Brodie, USA
Carlo Campagnoli, Italy
Giuseppe Carruba, Italy
Kevin J. Catt, USA
Shiuan Chen, USA
Gérard Chetrite, France
John A. Cidlowski, USA
Robert Clarke, USA
Herjan J.T. Coelingh Bennink, Netherlands
Giovanna Danza, Italy
Philippa D. Darbre, UK
Günter Daxenbichler, Austria
Ronald de Kloet; Netherlands
Alejandro F. De Nicola, Argentina
Jacques Drouin, Canada
Maria L. Dufau, USA
Dean P. Edwards, USA
Dean Evans, Switzerland
Charles N. Falany, USA
Leandro Fernández-Pérez, Spain
Amilcar Flores-Morales, Sweden
Luis M. García-Segura, Spain
J.M.W. GEE, Cardiff/U.K.
Andrea R. Genazzani, Italy
Geoffrey L. Greene, USA;
Bernd Groner, Germany
Richard Hampl, Czech Republic
Hirotaka Iwase, Kumamoto/Japan
V. Craig Jordan, USA
Helmut Klocker, Austria
Dr Jyunichi Kurebayashi, Okayama/Japan
Fernand Labrie, Canada
Adrian V. Lee, USA
Carlos Libertun, Argentina
Van Luu-The, Canada
Carole R. Mendelson, USA
Alfred O. Mück, Germany
Leigh C. Murphy, Canada
Robert Nicholson, UK
Anthony W. Norman, Canada
Bert W. O'Malley, USA
Valerie SPEIRS, Leeds/U.K.
Marie-Edith Rafestin-Oblin, France
Jean-Pierre Raynaud, France
José Russo, USA
Edwin R. Sanchez, USA
Adolf E. Schindler, Germany
Gunnar SÖDERQVIST, Stockholm/Sweden
Frank Z. Stanczyk, USA
Luboslav Stárka, Czech Republic
Robert Sutherland, Australia
Thomas R. Sutter, USA
Guido Verhoeven, Belgium
Walter Wahli, Switzerland
Ludwig Wildt, Austria
Kaiping Yang, Canada
Timo Ylikomi, Finland

Managing Editor
Ingrid Grünberg
Walter de Gruyter GmbH
Genthiner Straße 13,
10785 Berlin, Germany
Phone +49-(0)30-26005-245
Fax +49-(0)30-26005-298
email: HMBCI.editorial@degruyter.com


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