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International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health

Editor-in-Chief: Merrick, Joav

Editorial Board Member: Birch, Diana ML / Blum, Robert W / Furniss, Tilman / Greydanus, MD, Dr. HC (Athens), Donald E. / Hardoff, Daniel / Kerr, Mike / Levy, Howard B / Morad, Mohammed / Omar, Hatim A. / de Paul, Joaquin / Rydelius, Per-Anders / Shek, Daniel T.L. / Sher, Leo / Silber, Tomas J. / Towns, Susan / Urkin, Jacob / Verhofstadt-Deneve, Leni / Zeltzer, Lonnie

4 Issues per year



Volume 26, Issue 1 (Feb 2014)



Page i

Published Online: 02/06/2014


To vaccinate or not to vaccinate

Morad, Mohammed / Tenenbaum, Ariel / Merrick, Joav

Page 1

Published Online: 02/06/2014


Sexual and reproductive health of Portuguese adolescents

Mendes, Neuza / Palma, Fátima / Serrano, Fátima

Page 3

Published Online: 02/06/2014

Original articles

Tobacco consumption among 12- to 15-year-old schoolchildren in Delhi

Marya, Charu Mohan / Vijay, Garima / Jnaneshwar, Avinash / Nagpal, Ruchi / Pruthi, Nidhi

Page 13

Published Online: 12/18/2012

Perceptions of communication, family adaptability and cohesion: a comparison of adolescents newly diagnosed with cancer and their parents

Phillips-Salimi, Celeste R. / Robb, Sheri L. / Monahan, Patrick O. / Dossey, Amy / Haase, Joan E.

Page 19

Published Online: 02/06/2014

The prevalence of bullying and cyberbullying in high school: a 2011 survey

Gan, Sophie S. / Zhong, Connie / Das, Shreya / Gan, Julia S. / Willis, Stephanie / Tully, Eileen

Page 27

Published Online: 01/22/2013

Short- and medium-term impact of a residential weight-loss camp for overweight adolescents

Fonseca, Helena / Palmeira, Antonio Labisa / Martins, Sandra / Ferreira, Pedro Dias

Page 33

Published Online: 12/15/2012

Personal and family attributes of pregnant teenagers: findings from a community-based study in Sri Lanka

Fernando, Dulitha N. / Gunawardena, Nalika S. / Weerasinghe, Manuj Chrishantha

Page 39

Published Online: 01/22/2013

Adolescents with anorectal malformation: physical outcome, sexual health and quality of life

Stenström, Pernilla / Kockum, Christina Clementson / Benér, Despina Katsianikou / Ivarsson, Camilla / Arnbjörnsson, Einar

Page 49

Published Online: 05/01/2013

What sources do adolescents turn to for information about their health concerns?

Baheiraei, Azam / Khoori, Elham / Foroushani, Abbas Rahimi / Ahmadi, Fazlollah / Ybarra, Michele L.

Page 61

Published Online: 04/26/2013

Experiences of returning to elite alpine skiing after ACL injury and ACL reconstruction

Nordahl, Birgitta / Sjöström, Rita / Westin, Maria / Werner, Suzanne / Alricsson, Marie

Page 69

Published Online: 01/29/2013

Hyperandrogenemia in male autistic children and adolescents: relation to disease severity

El-Baz, Farida / Hamza, Rasha T. / Ayad, Mohamed S.E. / Mahmoud, Nermine H.

Page 79

Published Online: 04/20/2013

The career aspirations of adolescents with eating disorders: an exploratory study and suggested links to adolescent self-concept development

Tsitsika, Artemis K. / Tzavela, Eleni C. / Apostolidou, Eftychia / Antonogeorgos, George / Sakou, Irine-Ikbale / Bakoula, Chryssa

Page 85

Published Online: 04/20/2013

Differential effects of religiosity on sexual initiation among Nigerian in-school adolescents

Asubiaro, Olayinka Yetunde / Fatusi, Adesegun Olayiwola

Page 93

Published Online: 04/20/2013

The concepts of work, study, and leisure of parents and children

Nota, Laura / Ginevra, Maria Cristina

Page 107

Published Online: 02/01/2014

Attitudes and knowledge levels of nurses and residents caring for adolescents with an eating disorder

Raveneau, Gladys / Feinstein, Ronald / Rosen, Lisa M. / Fisher, Martin

Page 131

Published Online: 01/22/2013

Predictors of suicide ideation and risk for HIV among juvenile offenders in Georgia

Stephens, Torrance / Holliday, Rhonda C.

Page 137

Published Online: 02/06/2014

Short Communication

Association between food intake frequency and obesity among adolescent girls in Saudi Arabia

Musaiger, Abdulrahman O. / Al-Mannai, Mariam / Zagzoog, Nisreen

Page 145

Published Online: 04/20/2013

Case reports

Unusual cause of urethral bleeding in an adolescent: a case in dilemma

Singh, Dig Vijay / Mandal, Arup Kumar

Page 149

Published Online: 05/01/2013

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome: a specific cause of cyclical vomiting

Morris, Reshmi / Fisher, Martin

Page 153

Published Online: 01/30/2013

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