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International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health

Editor-in-Chief: Merrick, Joav

Editorial Board Member: Birch, Diana ML / Blum, Robert W / Furniss, Tilman / Greydanus, MD, Dr. HC (Athens), Donald E. / Hardoff, Daniel / Kerr, Mike / Levy, Howard B / Morad, Mohammed / Omar, Hatim A. / de Paul, Joaquin / Rydelius, Per-Anders / Shek, Daniel T.L. / Sher, Leo / Silber, Tomas J. / Towns, Susan / Urkin, Jacob / Verhofstadt-Deneve, Leni / Zeltzer, Lonnie

4 Issues per year



Volume 26, Issue 2 (May 2014)


Page i

Published Online: 04/24/2014


To precribe or not to prescribe antibiotics

Aspler, Shoshana / Morad, Mohammed / Merrick, Joav

Page 157

Published Online: 04/24/2014


A systematic review of transition readiness and transfer satisfaction measures for adolescents with chronic illness

Stinson, Jennifer / Kohut, Sara Ahola / Spiegel, Lynn / White, Meghan / Gill, Navreet / Colbourne, Gina / Sigurdson, Samantha / Duffy, Karen Watanabe / Tucker, Lori / Stringer, Elizabeth / Hazel, Beth / Hochman, Jacqueline / Reiss, John / Kaufman, Miriam

Page 159

Published Online: 07/06/2013

Original articles

Prevalence of health risk behaviors and their associated factors among university students in Kyrgyzstan

Pengpid, Supa / Peltzer, Karl / Mirrakhimov, Erkin M.

Page 175

Published Online: 06/27/2013

Dyslipidemia and hyperinsulinemia in children and adolescents with chronic liver disease: relation to disease severity

El-Kabbany, Zeinab A. / Hamza, Rasha Tarif / Ibrahim, Salwa AH. / Mahmoud, Nermine H.

Page 195

Published Online: 07/02/2013

University students and the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in Uganda: The Crane Survey

Rutherford, George W. / Anglemyer, Andrew / Bagenda, Danstan / Muyonga, Michael / Lindan, Christina P. / Barker, Joseph L. / Johnston, Lisa / Hladik, Wolfgang

Page 209

Published Online: 04/24/2014

Concurrent and simultaneous polydrug use among young Swiss males: use patterns and associations of number of substances used with health issues

Baggio, Stéphanie / Studer, Joseph / Mohler-Kuo, Meichun / Daeppen, Jean-Bernard / Gmel, Gerhard

Page 217

Published Online: 09/13/2013

Sexual behavior of in-school adolescents in Osun State, Southwest Nigeria: a comparative study

Sabageh, Adedayo O. / Fatusi, Adesegun O. / Sabageh, Donatus / Aluko, Joel A.

Page 225

Published Online: 08/30/2013

Health profile of urban adolescent girls from India

Madaan, Monika / Agrawal, Swati / Puri, Manju / Meena, Jyoti / Kaur, Harvinder / Trivedi, Shubha Sagar

Page 233

Published Online: 02/17/2014

Age of first reported sexual experience among U.S. soldiers

Berry-Cabán, Cristóbal S. / Jenkins, Jamie N. / Goorley, Elizabeth / Gray, Serena

Page 239

Published Online: 02/18/2014

Prehypertension and associated factors among university students in the Philippines

Pengpid, Supa / Peltzer, Karl / Ferrer, Alice Joan G.

Page 245

Published Online: 04/24/2014

School-based intervention to promote healthy nutrition in Sousse, Tunisia

Kebaili, Raoudha / Harrabi, Imed / Maatoug, Jihene / Ghammam, Rim / Slim, Slama / Ghannem, Hassen

Page 253

Published Online: 10/04/2013

Awareness, acceptability, and use of female condoms among university students in Nigeria: implications for STI/HIV prevention

Tobin-West, Charles I. / Maduka, Omosivie / Onyekwere, Victor N. / Tella, Adedayo O.

Page 259

Published Online: 10/11/2013

Clustering of risk factors in the smoking habits of schoolchildren in Sousse, Tunisia

Nouira, Asma / Maatoug, Jihen / Harrabi, Imed / Hmad, Sonia / Belkacem, Mmyléne / Slama, Slim / al’Absi, Mustafa / Lando, Harry / Ghannem, Hassen

Page 267

Published Online: 07/26/2013

Gender differences in the mental health literacy of young people

Furnham, Adrian / Annis, Jennifer / Cleridou, Kalia

Page 283

Published Online: 07/10/2013

Case reports

An adolescent with chronic giardiasis mimicking anorexia nervosa

Thomas IV, Lewis J. / Zweig, Alex P. / Tosh, Aneesh K.

Page 293

Published Online: 07/24/2013

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