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it - Information Technology


Editor-in-Chief: Molitor, Paul

6 Issues per year



Volume 57, Issue 1 (Feb 2015)

Visual Analytics / Daniel Keim, Tobias Schreck


Page i

Published Online: 01/30/2015


Special Issue on Visual Analytics

Keim, Daniel / Schreck, Tobias

Page 1

Published Online: 01/30/2015

Special Issue

Topological visual analysis of clusterings in high-dimensional information spaces

Oesterling, Patrick / Jähnichen, Patrick / Heyer, Gerhard / Scheuermann, Gerik

Page 3

Published Online: 01/30/2015

Image analysis in epidemiological applications

Toennies, Klaus D. / Gloger, Oliver / Rak, Marko / Winkler, Charlotte / Klemm, Paul / Preim, Bernhard / Völzke, Henry

Page 22

Published Online: 01/30/2015

Visual analytics for video applications

Tanisaro, Pattreeya / Schöning, Julius / Kurzhals, Kuno / Heidemann, Gunther / Weiskopf, Daniel

Page 30

Published Online: 01/30/2015

Network-based interactive navigation and analysis of large biological datasets

Gerasch, Andreas / Küntzer, Jan / Niermann, Peter / Stöckel, Daniel / Kaufmann, Michael / Kohlbacher, Oliver / Lenhof, Hans-Peter

Page 37

Published Online: 01/30/2015

A semi-supervised method for topic extraction from micro postings

Fuchs, Georg / Stange, Hendrik / Samiei, Ahmad / Andrienko, Gennady / Andrienko, Natalia

Page 49

Published Online: 01/30/2015

Self-Portrayals of GI Junior Fellows

Interaction with geospatial data

Schöning, Johannes

Page 57

Published Online: 01/30/2015

Teaching at a university of applied sciences

Schultes, Dominik

Page 60

Published Online: 01/30/2015

Free Issue

Connecting clinical care and research: Single-source with x4T – Process design, architecture, and use cases

Forster, Christian / Bruland, Philipp / Lechtenbörger, Jens / Breil, Bernhard / Vossen, Gottfried

Page 63

Published Online: 01/30/2015

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