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Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Editor-in-Chief: Renda-Tanali, Irmak, D.Sc.

Managing Editor: McGee, Sibel, Ph.D.

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Volume 7, Issue 1 (Jan 2010)

Book Review

Review of The Disaster Game

Franklin, Charlotte

Published Online: 09/10/2010

Research Article

Public Health Components of Academic Programs in Homeland Security

Claborn, David M. / Sonavane, Kunal A

Published Online: 02/19/2010

Valuing the Risk of Death from Terrorist Attacks

Robinson, Lisa A / Hammitt, James K. / Aldy, Joseph E. / Krupnick, Alan / Baxter, Jennifer

Published Online: 02/19/2010

Hospital Group Preparation for the 2008 Democratic National Convention

Bookman, Scott J / Eberhardt, Aaron M / Gaither, Joshua B / Colwell, Christopher B.

Published Online: 02/23/2010

Leaving Deterrence Behind: War-Fighting and National Cybersecurity

Harknett, Richard J. / Callaghan, John P. / Kauffman, Rudi

Published Online: 03/25/2010

Critical Infrastructure Protection Systems Effectiveness Evaluation

Lovecek, Tomas / Ristvej, Jozef / Simak, Ladislav

Published Online: 05/11/2010

Principles for Better Information Security through More Accurate, Transparent Risk Scoring

Crowther, Kenneth G / Haimes, Yacov Y. / Johnson, M. Eric

Published Online: 05/11/2010

A Study of First Moments in Underground Mine Emergency Response

Kowalski-Trakofler, Kathleen M. / Vaught, Charles / Brnich, Michael J / Jansky, Jacqueline H.

Published Online: 05/14/2010

Policing and Community Relations in the Homeland Security Era

Jones, Chapin / Supinski, Stanley B.

Published Online: 06/17/2010

Interorganizational Network Coordination under Stress Caused by Repeated Threats of Disasters

Kapucu, Naim / Bryer, Thomas / Garayev, Vener / Arslan, Tolga

Published Online: 06/30/2010

Crisis Preparedness Capabilities in Health

Canyon, Deon V / Adhikari, Ashmita / Cordery, Tom / Giguere-Simmonds, Philippe / Huang, Jessica / Nguyen, Helen / Watson, Michael / Yang, Daniel

Published Online: 07/26/2010

Disaster Resilience Indicators for Benchmarking Baseline Conditions

Cutter, Susan L. / Burton, Christopher G. / Emrich, Christopher T.

Published Online: 08/04/2010

Towards Shared Situational Awareness and Actionable Knowledge - An Enhanced, Human-Centered Paradigm for Public Health Information System Design

Hsu, Chiehwen Ed / Chambers, William Chris / Herbold, John R / Calcote, Joshua C / Ryczak, Robert S / DeFraites, Robert F

Published Online: 08/12/2010

Understanding the Dynamics of Emergency Communication: Propositions for a Four-Channel Model

Pechta, Laura E / Brandenburg, Dale C / Seeger, Matthew W

Published Online: 09/02/2010

Politics or Risks? An Analysis of Homeland Security Grant Allocations to the States

Gilliard-Matthews, Stacia / Schneider, Anne L.

Published Online: 09/07/2010

A Review of Nurses in Disaster Preparedness and Response: Military and Civilian Collaboration

Rivers, Felecia / Speraw, Susan / Phillips, Kenneth D. / Lee, Jan

Published Online: 09/15/2010

Analysis of Informal Networking in Emergency Management

Peterson, Danny / Besserman, Richard

Published Online: 10/08/2010

Intelligence-Led Mitigation

Townsend, Keeley / Sullivan, John P. / Monahan, Thomas / Donnelly, John

Published Online: 10/12/2010

An Investigation of Hospital Disaster Preparedness in Turkey

Top, Mehmet / Gider, Ömer / Tas, Yunus

Published Online: 11/05/2010

Effects on the U.S. of an H1N1 Epidemic: Analysis with a Quarterly CGE Model

Dixon, Peter B / Lee, Bumsoo / Muehlenbeck, Todd / Rimmer, Maureen T. / Rose, Adam / Verikios, George

Published Online: 12/26/2010

Next Generation 9-1-1: Architecture and Challenges in Realizing an IP-Multimedia-Based Emergency Service

Gupta, Neeraj K / Dantu, Ram / Schulzrinne, Henning / Goulart, Anna / Magnussen, Walt

Published Online: 12/29/2010


Meeting Educational Challenges in Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Donahue, Donald A / Cunnion, Stephen O / Balaban, Carey D / Sochats, Ken

Published Online: 03/09/2010


Domestic Federal Interagency Planning: Meeting a Homeland Security Need

Christopher, Kenneth E. / Frye, Deborah E. / Reissman, Stephan G.

Published Online: 03/18/2010

Health Care Logistics Response in a Disaster

VanVactor, Jerry D.

Published Online: 05/07/2010

Preparedness versus Reactiveness: An Approach to Pre-Crisis Disaster Planning

Hense, Kurt A / Wyler, Brenda D / Kaufmann, Greg

Published Online: 09/10/2010


Letter to the Editor

Botterell, Art

Published Online: 09/13/2010

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