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Open Access

Volume 2, Issue 4 (Dec 2012)

Special issue on Regional and Global Geoid-based Vertical Datums, Eds. Michael Sideris and Georgia Fotopoulos

Evaluation of W0 in Canada using tide gauges and GOCE gravity field models

Hayden, T. / Rangelova, E. / Sideris, M. G. / Véronneau, M.

Page 290

Towards worldwide height system unification using ocean information

Woodworth, P.L. / Hughes, C.W. / Bingham, R.J. / Gruber, T.

Page 302

Unification of European height system realizations

Rülke, A. / Liebsch, G. / Sacher, M. / Schäfer, U. / Schirmer, U. / Ihde, J.

Page 343

Regional geoid-model-based vertical datums – some Australian perspectives

Featherstone, W. E. / Filmer, M. S. / Claessens, S. J. / Kuhn, M. / Hirt, C. / Kirby, J. F.

Page 370

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