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Journal of Perinatal Medicine

Official Journal of the World Association of Perinatal Medicine

Editor-in-Chief: Dudenhausen, Joachim W.

Editorial Board Member: / Bancalari, Eduardo / Greenough, Anne / Genc, Mehmet R. / Chervenak, Frank A. / Chappelle, Joseph / Bergmann, Renate L. / Bernardes, J.F. / Bevilacqua, G. / Blickstein, Isaac / Cabero Roura, Luis / Carbonell-Estrany, Xavier / Carrera, Jose M. / D`Addario, Vincenzo / D'Alton, MD, Mary E. / Dimitrou, G. / Grunebaum, Amos / Hentschel, Roland / Köpcke, W. / Kawabata, Ichiro / Keirse, M.J.M.C. / Kurjak M.D., Asim / Levene, Malcolm / Lockwood, Charles J. / Marsal, Karel / Makatsariya, Alexander / Nishida, Hiroshi / Papp, Zoltán / Pejaver, Ranjan Kumar / Pooh, Ritsuko K. / Romero, Roberto / Saugstad, Ola D. / Schenker, Joseph G. / Sen, Cihat / Seri, Istvan / Vetter, Klaus / Winn, MD, Hung N. / Young, Bruce K. / Zimmermann, Roland

6 Issues per year

IMPACT FACTOR 2013: 1.425



Volume 42, Issue 4 (Jul 2014)


Page i

Published Online: 07/04/2014

Review articles

The relationship between gestational weight gain and fetal growth: time to take stock?

O’Higgins, Amy C. / Doolan, Anne / Mullaney, Laura / Daly, Niamh / McCartney, Daniel / Turner, Michael J.

Page 409

Published Online: 11/21/2013

Risk factors for pregnancy-associated venous thromboembolism: a review

Kevane, Barry / Donnelly, Jennifer / D’Alton, Mary / Cooley, Sharon / Preston, Roger J.S. / Áinle, Fionnuala Ní

Page 417

Published Online: 12/13/2013

Academy’s Corner

Africa is only 14 km away from my country

Carrera, José M.

Page 427

Published Online: 07/04/2014

Primary prevention of preterm birth

Dudenhausen, Joachim W.

Page 431

Published Online: 07/04/2014

Original articles – Obstetrics

Mother knows best? Comparing primiparous parturients’ expectations and predictions with actual birth outcomes

Bar-On, Shikma / Benyamini, Yael / Ebrahimoff, Mindy / Many, Ariel

Page 435

Published Online: 12/13/2013

Silent chorioamnionitis and associated pregnancy outcomes: a review of clinical data gathered over a 16-year period

Horvath, Boldizsár / Lakatos, Ferenc / Tóth, Csaba / Bödecs, Tamás / Bódis, József

Page 441

Published Online: 01/14/2014

Evaluation of a novel placental alpha microglobulin-1 (PAMG-1) test to predict spontaneous preterm delivery

Nikolova, Tanja / Bayev, Oleg / Nikolova, Natasha / Di Renzo, Gian Carlo

Page 473

Published Online: 12/13/2013

The relationship of praise/criticism to learning during obstetrical simulation: a randomized clinical trial

Saraf, Sumit / Bayya, Jyothshna / Weedon, Jeremy / Minkoff, Howard / Fisher, Nelli

Page 479

Published Online: 01/14/2014

Sickle cell disease and pregnancy outcomes: population-based study on 8.8 million births

Alayed, Nada / Kezouh, Abbas / Oddy, Lisa / Abenhaim, Haim A.

Page 487

Published Online: 12/17/2013

Differences between external and internal fetal heart rate monitoring during the second stage of labor: a prospective observational study

Nunes, Inês / Ayres-de-Campos, Diogo / Costa-Santos, Cristina / Bernardes, João

Page 493

Published Online: 01/16/2014

Perinatal management of preterm premature ruptured membranes affects neonatal prognosis

Fujiwara, Arisa / Fukushima, Kotaro / Inoue, Hirosuke / Takashima, Takeshi / Nakahara, Hiromasa / Satoh, Shoji / Ochiai, Masayuki / Hara, Toshiro / Shimokawa, Mototsugu / Kato, Kiyoko

Page 499

Published Online: 01/11/2014

Impact of the nitric oxide-donor pentaerythrityl-tetranitrate on perinatal outcome in risk pregnancies: a prospective, randomized, double-blinded trial

Schleussner, Ekkehard / Lehmann, Thomas / Kähler, Christiane / Schneider, Uwe / Schlembach, Dietmar / Groten, Tanja

Page 507

Published Online: 01/14/2014

Umbilical vein volume flow in monochorionic twin pairs at 11–14 weeks

Zoppi, Maria Angelica / Iuculano, Ambra / Monni, Giovanni

Page 515

Published Online: 01/17/2014

Gestational weight gain according to number of fetuses in Japanese women

Morikawa, Mamoru / Yamada, Takahiro / Akaishi, Rina / Yamada, Takashi / Nishida, Ryutaro / Sato, Shoji / Kaneuchi, Masanori / Minakami, Hisanori

Page 523

Published Online: 12/13/2013

Original article – Fetus

Prenatal diagnosis of sex chromosome aneuploidies and disorders of sex development – a retrospective analysis of 11-year data

Vlatkovic, Ivanka Bekavac / Hafner, Tomislav / Miskovic, Berivoj / Vicic, Ana / Poljak, Borna / Stipoljev, Feodora

Page 529

Published Online: 01/17/2014

Short communication

Reference range for amniotic fluid index measurements in a Brazilian population

Júnior, Edward Araujo / Martins, Wellington P. / Pares, David Baptista Silva / Pires, Claudio Rodrigues / Filho, Sebastião Marques Zanforlin

Page 535

Published Online: 01/16/2014

Congress Calendar

Congress Calendar

Page 541

Published Online: 07/04/2014

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