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Laboratory Phonology

Journal of the Association for Laboratory Phonology

Ed. by Cole, Jennifer

Volume 3, Issue 1 (May 2012)

Gesture As Language, Gesture and Language 2


Page i

Published Online: 05/01/2012

Editors' introduction

Maddieson, Ian / Smith, Caroline

Page 1

Published Online: 05/01/2012

The distribution of speech errors in multi-word prosodic units

Choe, Wook Kyung / Redford, Melissa A.

Page 5

Published Online: 05/01/2012

Exploring the movement dynamics of manual and oral articulation: Evidence from coarticulation

Grosvald, Michael / Corina, David P.

Page 37

Published Online: 05/01/2012

Here's looking at you, baby: What gaze and movement reveal about minimal pair word-object association at 14 months

Fais, Laurel / Werker, Janet F. / Cass, Bronwyn / Leibowich, Julia / Barbosa, Adriano Vilela / Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric

Page 91

Published Online: 05/01/2012

Vowel acoustics reliably differentiate three coronal stops of Wubuy across prosodic contexts

Bundgaard-Nielsen, Rikke L. / Baker, Brett J. / Kroos, Christian / Harvey, Mark / Best, Catherine T.

Page 133

Published Online: 05/01/2012

Deg Xinag Rounding Assimilation: A case study in phonologization

Hargus, Sharon

Page 163

Published Online: 05/01/2012

A gestural account of the velar fricative in Navajo

Iskarous, Khalil / McDonough, Joyce / Whalen, D. H.

Page 195

Published Online: 05/01/2012

Making communicative performance relevant. A commentary

Vatikiotis-Bateson, Eric

Page 211

Published Online: 05/01/2012

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