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Pure and Applied Chemistry

The Scientific Journal of IUPAC

Ed. by Burrows, Hugh / Weir, Ron / Stohner, Jürgen

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Name and Symbol of the Element with Atomic Number 110 (IUPAC Recommendations 2003)

John Corish1 / G. M. Rosenblatt2

1University of Dublin, Chemistry Department, Trinity College, Dublin 2, Ireland

2Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Materials Sciences Division, Building 62, Room 203, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA

Citation Information: Pure and Applied Chemistry. Volume 75, Issue 10, Pages 1613–1615, ISSN (Online) 1365-3075, ISSN (Print) 0033-4545, DOI: 10.1351/pac200375101613, January 2009

Publication History

Published Online:

A joint IUPAC–IUPAP Working Party (JWP) confirmed the discovery of the element with atomic number 110. In accord with IUPAC procedures, the discoverers proposed a name and symbol for the element. The Inorganic Chemistry Division recommended this proposal for acceptance, and it was adopted by the IUPAC Council at Ottawa, 16 August 2003. The recommended name is darmstadtium with symbol Ds.


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