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Official Journal of the International Society of Pteridinology

Editor-in-Chief: Fuchs, Dietmar

IMPACT FACTOR 2014: 0.326

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Impact per Publication (IPP) 2014: 0.346



Volume 3, Issue 1-2 (Feb 1991)

Pterins, Folates and Biogenic Amines in Neurology, Pediatrics and Immunology: Preface

Cotton, Richard G. H. / Nenad, Cotton / Curtius, Hans-Christoph / Levine, Robert A.

Page 1

Molecular Basis of Phenylketonuria in Italy

Dianzani, I. / Camaschella, C. / Ferrero, G. B. / De Sanctis, L. / Ponzone, A. / Cotton, R. G. H.

Page 11

Monitoring Treatment in Tetrahydrobiopterin Deficiency

Spada, M. / Parrella, T. / Ponzone, R. / Ferraris, S. / Guardamagna, O. / Ponzone, A. / Blau, N.

Page 13

Prenatal Diagnosis of Tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) Synthase Deficiency

Shintaku, H. / Nakajima, T. / Sawada, Y. / Hase, Y. / Fujioka, M. / Nishimura, A. / Isshiki, G. / Oura, T. / Hsiao, Κ. J. / Chen, R. G.

Page 17

Prenatal Diagnosis of Dihydropteridine Reductase Deficiency in a Twin Pregnancy

Guardamagna, O. / Spada, M. / Ponzone, A. / Viora, E. / Ponzone, R. / Binkert, F. / Matasovic, A. / Kierat, L. / Blau, N.

Page 19

Non-responsive Dihydropteridine Reductase Deficiency

Cerone, R. / Fantasia, A. R. / Schiaffino, M. C. / Maritano, L. / Romano, C.

Page 23

7-Substituted Pterins: Loading Experiments with 3'-Mono Deuterated Tetrahydro-L-Biopterin

Adler, C. / Curtius, H.-C. / Wetzel, E. / Giudici, T. A. / Blaskovics, M. / Viscontini, M.

Page 25

Primapterinuria: A Clinical Update

Blaskovics, M. E. / Giudici, T. A. / Blau, N.

Page 33

Fetal Guinea-Pig Model for Tetrahydrobiopterin Deficiency

Nakajima, T. / Shintaku, H. / Sawada, Y. / Fujioka, M. / Nishimura, A. / Isshiki, G. / Ohura, T.

Page 35

Cloning and Sequencing of cDNA Encoding Human Sepiapterin Reductase

Ichinose, H. / Katoh, S. / Sueoka, T. / Titani, K. / Fujita, Κ. / Nagatsu, T.

Page 41

Current Knowledge on Pteridine Dependence of Nitric Oxide Synthase

Werner, E. R. / Mayer, B. / Prast, H. / Schmidt, K. / Werner-Felmayer, G. / Weiss, G. / Wachter, H.

Page 49

Human Liver Pterin 4 a-Carbinolamine Dehydratase. Purification and Characterization

Rebrin, I. / Petruschka, L. / Curtius, H.-Ch. / Adler, C. / Herrmann, F. H.

Page 55

Molecular Mechanisms of Tetrahydrobiopterin Action on Neurotransmitter Release

Watanabe, Y. / Mataga, N. / Hayashi, T. / Ishihara, T. / Kanai, T. / Noguchi, T. / Miwa, S. / Watanabe, Y.

Page 63

Reduced Pterins of the Retina in Response to Light Exposure

Cremer-Bartels, G. / Gerding, H. / Krause, K. / Yektapour-Tabrizi, M.

Page 75

New Pteridine Assay System Using Automated Sequential Trace Enrichment of Dialysates

Sawada, Y. / Shintaku, H. / Nakajima, T. / Iwamura, C. / Tsubakio, Y. / Fujioka, M. / Nishimura, A. / Isshiki, G. / Ohura, T. / Kawakatu, M.

Page 87

Biopterin and Neopterin in Various Milks and Infant Formulas

Nishimura, A. / Fujioka, M. / Katoh, T. / Nakajima, T. / Shintaku, H. / Isshiki, G. / Sawada, Y.

Page 89

Synthesis and Properties of N-(α-Aminoacyl) Derivatives of Methotrexate

Cheung, H. T. A. / Dong, Z. / Smal, M. / Tattersall, M. H. N.

Page 101

13C-Labelled Folates as NMR Probes of the Binding of Folate to Bacterial Dihydrofolate Reductases

Cheung, H. T. A. / Chau, D. D. / Morrison, J. F. / Birdsall, B. / Feeney, J.

Page 103

Activation of Methotrexate Prodrugs by Enzyme/Monoclonal Antibody Conjugates

Vitols, K. S. / Haenseler, E. / Montejano, Y. / Baer, T. / Huennekens, F. M.

Page 125

Inhibition of Amido Phosphoribosyltransferase by Antifolates in Mouse L1210 Leukaemia Cells

Sant, M. E. / Lyons, S. D. / Phillips, L. / Szabados, E. / Christopherson, R. I.

Page 133

The Function of the Active Site Glutamate in Human Dihydrofolate Reductase

Blakley, R. L. / Appleman, J. R. / Tsay, J. T. / Beard, W. A. / Freisheim, J. H. / Ayling, J. E. / Jablonsky, M. J.

Page 135

Antiatherogenic Effect of Folic Acid in Alcoholism

Noronha, J. M. / Kesavan, V. / Viswanathan, G.

Page 143

Pharmacokinetics of High Dose Continuous Infusion (6S)-Folinic Acid in Humans

Newman, E. M. / Letvak, L. A. / George, M. J. / Doroshow, J. H.

Page 147

Folate, Homocysteine and Monoamine Metabolism in Depression

Bottiglieri, T. / Hyland, Κ. / Laundy, M. / Godfrey, P. / Carney, M. W. P. / Toone, Β. K. / Reynolds, E. H.

Page 151

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