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Radiochimica Acta

International Journal for chemical aspects of nuclear science and technology

Ed. by Qaim, Syed M.

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Volume 102, Issue 10 (Oct 2014)


Page i

Published Online: 08/28/2014

The solubility of 242PuO2 in the presence of aqueous Fe(II): the impact of precipitate preparation

Felmy, Andrew R. / Moore, Dean A. / Buck, Edgar / Conradson, Steven D. / Kukkadapu, Ravi / Sweet, Lucas / Abrecht, David / Ilton, Eugene S.

Page 861

Published Online: 04/24/2014

Selective separation of Am(III) from Eu(III) by 2,9-Bis(dialkyl-1,2,4-triazin-3-yl)-1,10-phenanthrolines: a relativistic quantum chemistry study

Xiao, Cheng-Liang / Wang, Cong-Zhi / Lan, Jian-Hui / Yuan, Li-Yong / Zhao, Yu-Liang / Chai, Zhi-Fang / Shi, Wei-Qun

Page 875

Published Online: 05/06/2014

Studies on U-Zr and U-Pu-Zr alloys for determination of Cl and F using pyrohydrolysis

Mishra, Vivekchandra Guruprasad / Sali, Sanjay Krishnarao / Shah, Dipti Jayesh / Thakur, Uday Kumar / Sawant, Ramesh Mahadeo / Tomar, Bhupendra Singh

Page 895

Published Online: 04/14/2014

The use of composite ferrocyanide materials for treatment of high salinity liquid radioactive wastes rich in cesium isotopes

Toropov, Andrey S. / Satayeva, Aliya R. / Mikhalovsky, Sergey / Cundy, Andrew B.

Page 911

Published Online: 05/06/2014

Modeling of cesium sorption on biotite using cation exchange selectivity coefficients

Kyllönen, Jarkko / Hakanen, Martti / Lindberg, Antero / Harjula, Risto / Vehkamäki, Marko / Lehto, Jukka

Page 919

Published Online: 05/06/2014

Sorption studies of strontium on carbon nanotubes using the Box–Behnken design

Aslani, Ceren Kütahyalı / Belloni, Fabio / Çetinkaya, Berkan / Rondinella, Vincenzo V.

Page 931

Published Online: 05/06/2014

A novel approach radiolabeling detonation nanodiamonds through the tritium thermal activation method

Badun, Gennadii A. / Chernysheva, Maria G. / Yakovlev, Ruslan Yu. / Leonidov, Nikolai B. / Semenenko, Mikhail N. / Lisichkin, Georgii V.

Page 941

Published Online: 05/06/2014

Investigation on the influence of metal ion impurities on the complexation behavior of generator produced 90Y with different bifunctional chelators

Pandey, Usha / Gamre, Naresh / Chakravarty, Rubel / Pillai, Maroor Raghavan Ambikalmajan / Dash, Ashutosh

Page 947

Published Online: 05/19/2014

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