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Radiochimica Acta

International Journal for chemical aspects of nuclear science and technology

Ed. by Qaim, Syed M.

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Volume 102, Issue 9 (Sep 2014)


Page i

Published Online: 08/28/2014

Cm(III) sorption by silica: effect of alpha hydroxy isobutyric acid

Kar, Aishwarya Soumitra / Tomar, Bhupendra Singh

Page 763

Published Online: 04/24/2014

Spectroscopic study of Np(V) oxidation to Np(VI) in 3 mol/dm3 nitric acid at elevated temperatures

Ban, Yasutoshi / Hakamatsuka, Yasuyuki / Tsutsui, Nao / Urabe, Shunichi / Hagiya, Hiromichi / Matsumura, Tatsuro

Page 775

Published Online: 04/04/2014

Binary and ternary complexation of NpO2+ with carboxylate and aminocarboxylate ligands

Thakur, Punam / Van Luik, Abraham E. 

Page 781

Published Online: 05/07/2014

Sequestration of uranium on fabricated aluminum co-precipitated with goethite (Al-FeOOH)

Sun, Yubing / Yang, Shubin / Wang, Qi / Alsaedi, Ahmad / Wang, Xiangke

Page 797

Published Online: 04/24/2014

Analysis of barium borosilicate glass matrix for uranium determination by using ns-IR-LIBS in air and Ar atmosphere

Sarkar, Arnab / Mishra, Raman Kumar / Kaushik, Chetan Parkash / Wattal, Piaray Kishen / Alamelu, Devanathan / Aggarwal, Suresh Kumar

Page 805

Published Online: 04/24/2014

Synthesis of ordered mesoporous U3O8 by a nanocasting route

Zhao, Ran / Wang, Lin / Gu, Zhan-Jun / Yuan, Li-Yong / Xiao, Cheng-Liang / Zhao, Yu-Liang / Chai, Zhi-Fang / Shi, Wei-Qun

Page 813

Published Online: 04/24/2014

Thermodynamic model for the solubility of BaSeO4(cr) in the aqueous Ba2+-SeO42−-Na+-H+-OH−-H2O system: Extending to high selenate concentrations

Rai, Dhanpat / Felmy, Andrew R. / Moore, Dean A. / Kitamura, Akira / Yoshikawa, Hideki / Doi, Reisuke / Yoshida, Yasushi

Page 817

Published Online: 04/24/2014

Modelling of niobium sorption on clay minerals in sodium and calcium perchlorate solutions

Ervanne, Heini / Hakanen, Martti / Lehto, Jukka

Page 839

Published Online: 04/24/2014

Radioiodine labeled CdSe/CdS quantum dots: Lectin targeted dual probes

Akca, Ozlet / Unak, Perihan / Medine, E. Ilker / Sakarya, Serhan / Yurt Kilcar, Ayfer / Ichedef, Cigdem / Bekis, Recep / Timur, Suna

Page 849

Published Online: 04/04/2014

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