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Open Access

Amberlyst-15 catalyzed acetylation of phenols and alcohols under solvent free conditions

Manoj A. Pande1 / Shriniwas D. Samant1

1Department of Chemistry, Institute of Chemical Technology, N. M. Parikh Road, Matunga, Mumbai - 400019, India

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Citation Information: Recyclable Catalysis. Volume 1, Pages 6–9, ISSN (Online) 2084-7629, DOI: 10.2478/recat-2012-0002, August 2012

Publication History

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Amberlyst-15 has been found to be an efficient reusable heterogeneous catalyst for acetylation of phenols and alcohols under solvent free conditions.

Keywords: Acetylation; Phenols; Alcohols; Acetic anhydride; Solvent free; Amberlyst-15; Heterogeneous catalyst

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