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Reviews on Environmental Health

Editor-in-Chief: Carpenter, David O. / Sly, Peter

Editorial Board Member: Brugge, Doug / Diaz-Barriga, Fernando / Edwards, John W. / Field, R.William / Hales, Simon / Horowitz, Michal / Maibach, H.I. / Shaw, Susan / Stein, Renato / Tao, Shu / Tchounwou, Paul B.

4 Issues per year



Volume 29, Issue 1-2 (Apr 2014)

Special Issue: Environmental Exposure in Indigenous Communities / 15th International Conference of the Pacific Basin Consortium for Environment and Health / Guest Editors: Peter D. Sly, Marguerite T. Dalmau


Page i

Published Online: 04/01/2014


Environmental Exposures in Indigenous Communities

Novel materials for environmental remediation of oil sands contaminants

Wilson, Lee D. / Mohamed, Mohamed H. / Headley, John V.

Page 5

Published Online: 02/19/2014


Remediation of mercury-contaminated soil – a case study

Chakrabarti, T. / Vaidya, A.N. / Patil, M.P. / Prasad, Rajendra

Page 21

Published Online: 04/01/2014

Hazardous Waste

Microorganism-assisted phytoremediation of heavy metal and endosulfan contaminated soil

Yadav, S.K. / Juwarkar, A.A. / Balki, A.B. / Shende, A.R. / Devi, S.S. / Krishnamurthi, K. / Bafna, A. / Prasad, Rajendra / Chakrabarti, Tapan

Page 41

Published Online: 04/01/2014

Chemicals: friends and foes

Singh, Kirpal

Page 43

Published Online: 03/12/2014

Spatial distribution of persistent organic pollutants in the surface water of River Brahmaputra and River Ganga in India

Chakraborty, Paromita / Sakthivel, S. / Kumar, Bhupander / Kumar, Sanjay / Mishra, Meenu / Verma, V.K. / Gaur, Richa

Page 45

Published Online: 03/22/2014

Hexachlorocyclohexane: persistence, toxicity and decontamination

Nayyar, Namita / Sangwan, Naseer / Kohli, Puneet / Verma, Helianthous / Kumar, Roshan / Negi, Vivek / Oldach, Phoebe / Mahato, Nitish Kumar / Gupta, Vipin / Lal, Rup

Page 49

Published Online: 03/13/2014

E-waste: impacts, issues and management strategies

Hussain, Mumtaz / Mumtaz, Saniea

Page 53

Published Online: 04/01/2014


Clean water and sanitation in developing areas lacking conventional power

Leblanc, Maryanne / Arnold, Nathan B. / Arnold, Robert G.

Page 59

Published Online: 02/24/2014

Solar membrane distillation: desalination for the Navajo Nation

Karanikola, Vasiliki / Corral, Andrea F. / Mette, Patrick / Jiang, Hua / Arnoldand, Robert G. / Ela, Wendell P.

Page 67

Published Online: 02/19/2014

Climate change and managing water crisis: Pakistan’s perspective

Hussain, Mumtaz / Mumtaz, Saniea

Page 71

Published Online: 04/01/2014


Socially responsible mining: the relationship between mining and poverty, human health and the environment

Maier, Raina M. / Díaz-Barriga, Fernando / Field, James A. / Hopkins, James / Klein, Bern / Poulton, Mary M.

Page 83

Published Online: 02/19/2014

Modeling the emission, transport and deposition of contaminated dust from a mine tailing site

Stovern, Michael / Betterton, Eric A. / Sáez, A. Eduardo / Villar, Omar Ignacio Felix / Rine, Kyle P. / Russell, MacKenzie R. / King, Matt

Page 91

Published Online: 02/19/2014

Emerging Issues in the Pacific Basin

Nanotechnology and toxicology

Kennedy, Ian M.

Page 101

Published Online: 04/01/2014

Projected health impacts of heat events in Washington State associated with climate change

Isaksen, Tania Busch / Yost, Michael / Hom, Elizabeth / Fenske, Richard

Page 119

Published Online: 03/22/2014

Air Pollution

Chemical exposure and respiratory health of children in an industrial setting

McCarty, Kathleen M. / Cleveland, Rebecca J. / Franklin, Peter / Sly, Peter D.

Page 133

Published Online: 02/25/2014

Respiratory health risk assessment of children living close to industrial areas in Indonesia

Salami, Indah R.S. / As, Zulfikar A. / Marselina, Mariana / Roosmini, Dwina

Page 139

Published Online: 02/24/2014

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