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Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology

Editor-in-Chief: Stumpf, Michael P.H.

6 Issues per year

IMPACT FACTOR 2013: 1.055
Rank 48 out of 119 in category Statistics & Probability in the 2013 Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Report/Science Edition

SCImago Journal Rank (SJR): 0.875
Source Normalized Impact per Paper (SNIP): 0.540


Volume 8, Issue 1 (Jan 2009)


Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis with Application to Genomic Data Integration

Parkhomenko, Elena / Tritchler, David / Beyene, Joseph

Page 1

Published Online: 01/06/2009

Modified FDR Controlling Procedure for Multi-Stage Analyses

Tuglus, Catherine / van der Laan, Mark J.

Page 1

Published Online: 02/04/2009

Detecting Outlier Samples in Microarray Data

Shieh, Albert D / Hung, Yeung Sam

Page 1

Published Online: 02/11/2009

Two-Stage Model-Based Clustering for Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis

Łuksza, Marta / Kluge, Bogusław / Ostrowski, Jerzy / Karczmarski, Jakub / Gambin, Anna

Page 1

Published Online: 02/12/2009

Score Statistics for Mapping Quantitative Trait Loci

Chang, Myron N / Wu, Rongling / Wu, Samuel S / Casella, George

Page 1

Published Online: 02/12/2009

Impact of Population Stratification on Family-Based Association Tests with Longitudinal Measurements

Ding, Xiao / Weiss, Scott / Raby, Benjamin / Lange, Christoph / Laird, Nan M

Page 1

Published Online: 02/12/2009

Testing of Chromosomal Clumping of Gene Properties

Fernandez-Ricaud, Luciano / Dalevi, Daniel / Blomberg, Anders / Nerman, Olle

Page 1

Published Online: 02/26/2009

Weighted Multiple Hypothesis Testing Procedures

Kang, Guolian / Ye, Keying / Liu, Nianjun / Allison, David B. / Gao, Guimin

Page 1

Published Online: 04/16/2009

Incorporating Duplicate Genotype Data into Linear Trend Tests of Genetic Association: Methods and Cost-Effectiveness

Borchers, Bryce / Brown, Marshall / McLellan, Brian / Bekmetjev, Airat / Tintle, Nathan L

Page 1

Published Online: 05/05/2009

A Parametric Model for Analyzing Anticipation in Genetically Predisposed Families

Larsen, Klaus / Petersen, Janne / Bernstein, Inge / Nilbert, Mef

Page 1

Published Online: 06/02/2009

Bayesian Unsupervised Learning with Multiple Data Types

Agius, Phaedra / Ying, Yiming / Campbell, Colin

Page 1

Published Online: 06/05/2009

Adaptive Transmission Disequilibrium Test for Family Trio Design

Yuan, Min / Tian, Xin / Zheng, Gang / Yang, Yaning

Page 1

Published Online: 06/23/2009

Rotation Testing in Gene Set Enrichment Analysis for Small Direct Comparison Experiments

Dørum, Guro / Snipen, Lars / Solheim, Margrete / Sæbø, Solve

Page 1

Published Online: 07/27/2009

A Statistical Model for Genetic Mapping of Viral Infection by Integrating Epidemiological Behavior

Li, Yao / Berg, Arthur / Chang, Myron N / Du, Ping / Ahn, Kwangmi / Mauger, David / Liao, Duanping / Wu, Rongling

Page 1

Published Online: 09/09/2009

Characterizing the D2 Statistic: Word Matches in Biological Sequences

Forêt, Sylvain / Wilson, Susan R / Burden, Conrad J

Page 1

Published Online: 10/08/2009

Transmission Disequilibrium Test Power and Sample Size in the Presence of Locus Heterogeneity

Chen, Chuanwen / Yang, Guang / Buyske, Steven / Matise, Tara / Finch, Stephen J / Gordon, Derek

Page 1

Published Online: 10/08/2009

A Regularized Regression Approach for Dissecting Genetic Conflicts that Increase Disease Risk in Pregnancy

Li, Shaoyu / Lu, Qing / Fu, Wenjiang / Romero, Roberto / Cui, Yuehua

Page 1

Published Online: 10/23/2009

Statistical Screening Method for Genetic Factors Influencing Susceptibility to Common Diseases in a Two-Stage Genome-Wide Association Study

Sato, Yasunori / Laird, Nan / Suganami, Hideki / Hamada, Chikuma / Niki, Naoto / Yoshimura, Isao / Yoshida, Teruhiko

Page 1

Published Online: 11/04/2009

A Unified Mixed Effects Model for Gene Set Analysis of Time Course Microarray Experiments

Wang, Lily / Chen, Xi / Wolfinger, Russell D / Franklin, Jeffrey L / Coffey, Robert J / Zhang, Bing

Page 1

Published Online: 11/07/2009

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